TTR Releases 300-Item Sales & Use Tax Matrix for Free Download

MCMINNVILLE, OR--(Marketwired - Dec 19, 2014) - TTR, the industry leader in providing accurate, current, supported, and easy to find sales and use tax answers, has released an enhanced version of its Uniform Sales & Use Tax Matrix.

Why did TTR do this?

TTR works with several state tax agencies toward the larger goal of simplifying sales and use tax answers nationally. A huge step toward this goal was to create a Uniform Tax Matrix ("UTM") and make it publicly available. Just in time for the holidays, we are providing this content to you -- for free!

How did TTR do this?

"Content. We have a lot of content -- more content than anyone else by far. Most online tax research tools have over 150,000 laws, regulations, rulings and cases. We have that too -- everyone does. The real value is in created content, like explanations and answers. This is where our research team reads the law, understands it, and then simply explains a topic or answers a question.

"The other guys have around 8,000 sales and use tax explanations and around 400 tax answer categories. TTR has over 50,000 sales and use tax explanations and over 100,000 tax answer categories. Don't take my word for it -- look for yourself."

- TTR Quality Control Officer

Who is TTR?

TTR is the industry leading sales and use tax answer website. TTR boasts one of the largest single offices of sales and use tax professionals in the U.S. Here is what TTR users have to say:

"This will significantly reduce the time it takes to get an answer to taxpayers in our state." - State Agency Tax Policy Head

"We've used [the other guys] for years. TTR has more content and it is more accurate. My staff quickly get answers with meaningful explanations. We use TTR because we start with a higher level of certainty about the quality of the answer. We can then research more if needed right in the site." - Head of Tax, Fortune 500 Company

"All I've ever known is [the other guys]. I was not interested in TTR at first. I agreed to take a look because the representative was friendly. I wish I had known about TTR a decade ago. There are more answers and it is so much easier to navigate than [the other guys]. - Senior Sales Tax Manager, Global 100 Company

"TTR is easy to use and contains greater detail and information than the other products on the market." - Sales Tax Manager

Where do I get the free UTM?

Please visit TTR at and take a look for yourself. Click on the "RESOURCES" page (located at to access the free Uniform Sales & Use Tax Matrix for every state.

Contact Information:

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