Authentify Takes Part in Banking Frontiers TECHNOVITI 2015 Contest

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

MUMBAI, India, Jan. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Authentify, a Gartner "Visionary" vendor of mobile multi-factor authentication services, will participate in TECHNOVITI 2015, a contest sponsored by Banking Frontiers to be held concurrently with IBEX India 2015, 15-17 January 2015. The Authentify xFA™ mobile multi-factor authentication service is under consideration for the Most Innovative e-Security Solution. Winners will be selected by an eminent panel of international CIOs, CTOs and IT specialists.

Authentify's distributor in the region, Span Telecom Pvt. Ltd., will represent Authentify at the conference, the first of several events in which the two companies will jointly participate during 2015.

"Span Telecom already offers security services which are very complementary to those Authentify offers," said Robert Soden, Authentify's managing director of the Asia Pacific division. "Strong authentication is a requirement for safe BYOD as well as mobile banking. Span was keen to offer Authentify's xFA™ mobile multi-factor authentication services to its clients in the market segments attending IBEX."

The TECHNOVITI Awards, hosted by the Banking Frontiers organization and held concurrently during the IBEX 2015 conference, honor technical innovation in a number of financial services categories including Front Office, Back Office, Card Solutions, HR, Risk Management, e-Security, Mobile Application Development and others.

"The full featured functionality of Authentify xFA should be very interesting to the IBEX audience," according to Lalit K. Chandak, president of Span Telecom. "The multiple authentication factors via a single, easy-to-implement service solve a number of problems for bankers and financial services in a region where users have a broad range of technical aptitude and technologies."

Span will be demonstrating Authentify xFA's multi-factor authentication techniques in the Innovation Pavilion at IBEX, expo space IP4.

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