CWAO News Update - Cary Lee Peterson, UNWHT President: "Congress Can't Ignore Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking in America"

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

WASHINGTON, Jan. 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "Congress can't ignore modern day slavery and human trafficking in America," says United Nations War on Human Trafficking Association President Cary Lee Peterson at yesterday's delegations, which resulted in United Nations War on Human Trafficking Association and Community Works Ontario to reach a mutual agreement to support efforts on delegating and lobbying at U.S. Congress and Parliament of Canada.

With over 35 million people who live as victims of human trafficking and modern day slavery (according to The Global Slavery Index 2014) it becomes a hot political topic and focal point for several non-profit organizations and government agencies worldwide. Many victims live in cloaked settings, camouflaged to fit into mainstream society, yet forced to work without pay as prostitutes, landscapers, cooks, or custodians; not easy to point out in most cases.

United Nations War on Human Trafficking Association has been active in Micronesia since last year and began new activities in Australia this year to bring awareness to human trafficking, sexual violence, and modern day slavery.

The two organizations have decided to establish an international coalition that will lobby to federal and local legislature in U.S. and Canada to tighten penalties and prosecution standards for traffickers and criminals involved in related crimes as child pornography and organ trafficking.

At closing statements of yesterday's CWAO delegations Cary Lee Peterson adds comment, "The current congressional supporters on human trafficking as Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), who are the current co-chairs of Senate Caucus to End Human Trafficking are a great resource for our new international coalition and we'll definitely need to start there. There are enough friends who support this issue on Capitol Hill to achieve our goals in U.S. and Canada to fight this criminal activity that violates the rights of human beings."


Community Works Association of Ontario is a non-governmental organization supporting social and urban economic development throughout Canada, in addition to allied Member States and international organizations.