Expert Cites Missteps, Myths and Methodologies Regarding Socially Responsible Investing in Established and Emerging/Frontier Markets

SRI and Emerging/Frontier Market Specialist, R. Scott Arnell, Available for Interviews and Editorials on Timely Topics to Clarify Confusion, Debunk Misconceptions, Offer Informed Insights and Discuss Impending Trends for This Profitable Yet Often Perplexing, Ever-Evolving Investing Approach

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND--(Marketwired - Feb 2, 2015) - The popularity of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) has increased greatly in recent years as more investors are compelled by the desire to partake in "impact investing" -- investing money in ways that favourably impact the environment and society while still achieving market-rate returns. However, despite the fact that SRI continues to grow at double-digit rates as an asset class, there still exists a large amount of confusion around the approach. Just ask 10 investment managers to define SRI and you'd likely end up with differing explanations and interpretations of this ever-evolving investment strategy. 

To help clarify confusion and generally shed light on SRI both in and out of emerging and frontier markets, Geneva Capital Principal, R. Scott Arnell is available for interviews and editorials on a range of topics including, but not limited to, the following:


  • 5 key approaches to SRI
  • The differences between Impact Investing, SRI and Performance Philanthropy 
  • Why SRI is now a must for nearly every portfolio
  • How SRI can transform how we look at philanthropy

Emerging/Frontier Markets:

  • 3 investing pitfalls in emerging and frontier markets
  • 6 top frontier markets: potential new "BRIC"-esque economies of the future


  • How millennials are changing Wall Street and the world through impact investing
  • Why SRI in frontier markets can be catalyst for social change

About the Expert: R. Scott Arnell
R Scott Arnell is a founding partner of Geneva Capital S.A., an advisory firm based in Geneva, Switzerland specializing in alternative investments, including advising investors on socially responsible investment opportunities with a high concentration in private equity in emerging and frontier markets. He has 25+ years of international financial & business management experience serving in senior executive roles at multiple Fortune 500 companies in the high-tech and internet telecoms sectors. Since co-founding Geneva Capital, he has specialized in emerging/frontier markets, international private equity business development and alternative investment advisory. Arnell has extensive international business experience in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Learn more online at

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