AUM Adds Custom Reporting Engine to Its Advanced Analytics Platform

Multifamily property owners and managers can create property and data groupings for powerful, real-time decision making

Lombard, Illinois, UNITED STATES

LOMBARD, Ill., Feb. 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Utility Management (AUM), a recognized leader in energy management and resident billing programs for Multifamily, today announced the addition of a Custom Reporting Engine to its Advanced Analytics Platform. Together with the already-launched Performance Dashboard and Energy Dashboard, the AUM Advanced Analytics Platform is the most innovative interactive tool for property owners and managers to analyze key energy performance indicators for quick-and-easy decision making across their portfolio.

"The ability to view and measure performance at a glance is essential for competitive advantage," states AUM President Joe Stackhouse.  "With our new Custom Reporting Engine, property owners and managers can create unique data and property groups that allow maximum flexibility to review data and answer questions about the performance of a single property, a self-created group of properties or the entire portfolio in a way that is most advantageous to them.  Through the AUM Advanced Analytics platform, we will continue to provide tools like the Custom Reporting Engine to ensure that our clients have industry-leading tools for energy and utility management."

About American Utility Management

AUM is the premier energy services and utility management partner to the multifamily industry. The company assists the industry by increasing Net Operating Income (NOI) through use of its Energy Management, Invoice Processing, and Resident Services tools.

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