Community Works Teams With U.S. Agencies on Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

WASHINGTON, Feb. 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The community leaders of Toronto have called upon Community Works Canada to gauge modern day slavery, human trafficking, and sexual violence in North America with the support of United Nations War on Human Trafficking Association and U.S. Task Force on Human Trafficking Coalition.

Human trafficking accounts for over 30 million in 2014 and the victims are very transparent in society to the extent where they blend within the communities of America.

UNWHT President Cary Lee Peterson comments, "We should never turn a blind eye on the issue." Thus, United Nations War on Human Trafficking Association has worked to broaden awareness globally through events, interventions, and workshops.

CWAO has partnered with UNWHT in a joint venture to enable victims and work with law enforcement to prosecute traffickers and criminals who violate human rights of victims who may otherwise live life in fear and are not aware of their civil rights.