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NEWARK, Del., Feb. 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The database that powers InteliChoice™, one of America's leading nutrition merchandising systems, is now available as an API (application programming interface), enabling grocers to develop store-brand shopper tools that promote healthy eating. Using the InteliChoice™ API, grocers can offer smart tools that, among other tasks, help shoppers create personalized shopping lists, link to nutrition information via UPC codes, order products online or plan meals for health conditions like diabetes and gluten allergies.

Built by Foxfire Printing ( and continuously maintained by registered dietitians, the InteliChoice™ database is America's most comprehensive database of nutrition attributes. The database comprises information on virtually every fresh and packaged food, including private label items, complies with FDA, USDA and other dietary guidelines and, through the InteliChoice API, integrates seamlessly with existing websites and web-based applications like smartphones and tablets.

Using a grocer's web-based tools built on the InteliChoice™ API, shoppers can create personalized shopping tools using such criteria as:
Food type
Nutrient data
Allergen data
Calorie count
Diabetes carb exchange
Sodium count
Certification attributes (e.g., kosher, gluten-free, etc.)
Store location
"Grocers know that today's shoppers demand healthy food choices and transparent wellness information. The InteliChoice API answers that demand by serving as the health and wellness brain behind a grocer's web site, smartphone app and more," says InteliChoice Vice President Judy Seybold.
Grocers can use the InteliChoice API to build one-to-one relationships with shoppers by leveraging such features as store maps that guide shoppers to specific foods and tracking dietary preferences that enable custom couponing.
Seybold adds, "Imagine a shopper who is managing her blood pressure. When her smartphone includes a grocer's app built on the InteliChoice API, she can quickly locate the aisle with low-sodium foods and then build an online low-sodium shopping list for future use. She gets a tool for maintaining health and the grocer gets a loyal shopper."
Seybold says InteliChoice is offering the InteliChoice API free of charge for one year to retailers who choose InteliChoice as their health and wellness partner.

What Is An API?
An application programming interface (API) is a set of instructions for building software applications. In the InteliChoice context, the API allows a grocer's existing software applications, such as a website, to interface seamlessly with the InteliChoice database. In practice, the InteliChoice API allows the InteliChoice database to appear and operate in harmony with a grocer's existing applications.

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