SpaceCurve Announces Release of White Paper: "Of Time and Space, Unleashing the Potential of Mobile Networks' Real-Time Geolocation Data"

Explores Value of Detailed, Multidimensional, Real-Time Geolocation Data That Has Mobile Coordinates at the Core; How to Integrate With Multiple Data Sources to the Benefit of Mobile Operators/Partners

SEATTLE, March 2, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SpaceCurve today announces release of a new white paper entitled, Of Time and Space, Unleashing the Potential of Mobile Networks' Real-Time Geolocation Data. The paper explores the value of detailed, multidimensional, real-time geolocation data that has mobile coordinates at the core, which can then be integrated with multiple data sources to the benefit of mobile operators and their partners including retailers, marketers, and public agencies.

The white paper discusses the sources of geolocation data, then presents three use cases that show how real-time geolocation data can be integrated to enhance special events, retail activities, and mobile operator internal operations and services. Then it details the specific value of these data to specific players – i.e., mobile operators, safety and other public agencies, retailers, and other enterprises.

The ability for mobile operators to collect fine-grained spatial and temporal data from subscribers is expanding, along with the ability to combine it and analyze it in conjunction with other sources of spatio-temporal and demographic data.

Flexibility in accessing the same data at different granularity levels along time and space axes – e.g., from seasonal to real-time sub-second temporal resolution, or from metropolitan area to meter-level spatial resolution – is crucial in enabling multiple use cases and applications to coexist effectively and support each other.

This opens the opportunity to go beyond the basic use of geolocation – the provision of only historical data – that has been possible until today. Real-time geolocation fundamentally alters the possibilities: it enables mobile operators, their partners and other ecosystem players to identify and leverage unpredictable variations in subscribers' behavior that have a high potential value, and to introduce dynamic services that leverage this information.

SpaceCurve recently launched the first platform built specifically for spatially organizing and enabling the analysis of large-scale spatial data. SpaceCurve continuously fuses geospatial, sensor, IoT, social media, location, and other streaming and historical data while making the data immediately available for analytics and operational intelligence.

SpaceCurve is live with partners including AirSage, Esri, and L-3 and with customers in government, defense, transportation, location analytics and telecommunications.

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