SpaceCurve Allows Esri Users to Unlock Value From Real-Time Spatial Data

SEATTLE, March 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SpaceCurve at Esri Partner Conference, Booth #127 – SpaceCurve will participate in the Esri Partner Conference (March 7-10) and Esri Developer Summit (March 10-13) at the Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, CA.

SpaceCurve recently celebrated one year as an Esri Silver Tier Partner. As an Esri partner, SpaceCurve and Esri work closely together to maximize value from existing investments in Esri technology and provide a spatial data platform built for high-speed performance and scalability.

SpaceCurve is neither a batch-processed nor an in-memory system, rather it is a brand new platform designed from the ground-up for spatiotemporal data. Using SpaceCurve together with Esri applications gives users three distinct advantages:

  1. Single data platform for spatial records
  2. Real-time query capabilities
  3. Single ArcGIS server interface to access all spatial data

Single Data Platform: SpaceCurve's massively parallel data platform provides Esri users with a single data store for hundreds of billions of spatial records. This enables Esri users to leverage a single ArcGIS server interface to access all spatial data instantaneously. This eliminates common PostGIS or SDE geodatabase issues within Esri by speeding up access to the data.

Real-Time Queries: SpaceCurve developed a REST interface for the Esri platform that delivers real-time access to extremely large geospatial data sets and has removed the visual and analytical latency typically associated with large geodatabases.

ArcGIS Adapter: The ArcGIS Server Adapter implements the ArcGIS REST API for the SpaceCurve platform. Using this Adapter, hundreds of applications that call ArcGIS REST APIs can query data stored in a SpaceCurve System cluster.

The Adapter provides features:

Layer / Table resources: Retrieve a table from SpaceCurve and present it as a Feature Layer

All Layers and Tables: Retrieve metadata about tables from SpaceCurve

Query operations: Implement both spatial and generic queries for features from a Feature Layer from tables within SpaceCurve

The SpaceCurve platform includes the ArcGIS Server Adapter right out of the box. This allows for seamless integration with Esri applications and enables fast access to the data repository and quick query response.

SpaceCurve recently launched the first platform built specifically for spatially organizing and enabling the analysis of large-scale spatial data. SpaceCurve continuously fuses geospatial, sensor, IoT, social media, location, and other streaming and historical data while making the data immediately available for analytics and operational intelligence.

SpaceCurve is live with partners including AirSage, Esri, and L-3 and with customers in government, defense, transportation, location analytics and telecommunications.

To learn more please visit SpaceCurve at the Esri Partner Conference Booth #127 or check out our website. For more information and examples of using the ArcGIS server adapter for SpaceCurve please click here.

About SpaceCurve

SpaceCurve is the only spatial data platform to support continuous high-velocity ingestion of complex, spatially organized data, enabling real time analysis of extreme data volumes. SpaceCurve makes it possible to manage, analyze, and act on fast-moving machine-generated data with the precision, speed and scale required for true operational intelligence. From location analysis and remote sensing, to network optimization, logistics, and machine-to-machine applications, SpaceCurve delivers spatial data at the speed of reality.