CWAO: Balkan Cannabidiol Oil Benefits U.S. While Canada Hemp Products Remain Prohibited

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

SEATTLE, April 4, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Many U.S. states are changing laws on cannabis products like cannabidiol oil extract, used to treat epilepsy patients, while Canada still only allows licensed marijuana growers to sell dried crop, and be that as it may, prohibit tinctures, edibles, and oils.

In spite of the health risks involved with smoking cannabis opposed to alternative preparations of medicinal and industrial cannabis products there are civic organizations as Community Works Ontario that have continued to stress the importance of industrial hemp to Canadian legislators, in hopes that they will consider more suitable regulations that permit use of CBD oil, with necessary restrictions in tact to prevent product abusers from misusing the cannabis oil for illicit purposes.

On Friday, international news broke about a co-operative venture started two years ago between Congressional Committee on Eurasian Affairs, Albanian Parliament, and affiliated international organizations to support production and exportation of cannabis goods from Albania to United States in efforts to decrease illegal drug trafficking and enhance the economy in Albania, as reported by an Albanian government website. This news will be great for U.S.-based legal marijuana companies like Mentor Capital, Inc., Cannabis Sativa Inc., and mCig, Inc., yet this Balkan brilliance will unlikely impact America's northern neighbors due to national policy prohibiting oils, seeds, and food products produced from hemp.

High grade, low cost cannabidiol from Albania may be the way to go if you live in U.S. state as Colorado, Alaska, Washington, or any of the 12 other states where CBD oil is permitted. On the other hand, the current laws of Canada leave families with children or elderly relatives who suffer from epileptic seizures, dementia, skin cancer, and related illnesses up in arms and frustrated when they consider more cost effective and safer solutions available in the United States that don't require a patient to smoke cannabis for treatment.