Millennials Aspire to Travel to Europe: Contiki Vacations Inspires These Young Adults with Content-Rich Campaign

travel leader leverages marketing research to create campaign targeting “travel enthusiasts,” “exuberants,” “collectors” and “culinary explorers”

Anaheim, California, UNITED STATES

Anaheim, Calif., April 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With a target audience solely dedicated to 18-35 year olds, travel company Contiki Vacations ( devised a strategy to create an inspirational 30-day content marketing campaign that targets four of the 12 millennial subgroups identified by data collected by digital advertising network Exponential and presented in late 2014.

The research findings are a focal point and the inspiration behind Contiki’s latest marketing campaign dubbed “The Great European Summer” ( – a 30-day marketing campaign unveiling a new piece of content every day that will inspire different types of Millennials to travel to Europe this summer. Of the 12 subgroups loosely presented en masse by Exponential VP Bryan Melmed, four stood out as being ideal for Contiki to target and tailor content for:

  • Travel enthusiasts – With an appetite for wanderlust, travel enthusiasts want to explore obscure parts of the world. Content that would appeal to this subgroup include Contiki’s round-up of best outdoor markets, outrageous souvenirs, and places to ride a bike.
  • Exuberants – These Millennials want to capture their experience and share constantly on social media - something that travel inherently provides when experienced. The campaign content that appeals to Exuberants include the top Europe destinations to take photos for Instagram - as well as using YouTube influencers who are also identified as Exuberants as well help share the message through funny videos.
  • Collectors – These are the millennials who absorb content but might not participate– this 30-day content driven campaign helps inspire and provides them the social voice so they can live through the experiences presented as part of being a traveler. Each piece of content is also easily shared via customizable social share content – so collectors can also curate this content and share when they otherwise wouldn’t.
  • Culinary Explorers – Since food is such a part of the travel culture, Contiki created inspirational food and drink contentthat taps into the foodie need to explore regional cuisines. Campaign content that appeals would include posts such as “Drinks Around the World”, “Best Street Foods in Europe”, and “Hoppiest Places to go in Europe for Beer.”

“The Millennial generation is extremely diverse and we wanted to avoid creating a “one-size-fits-all content campaign,” said Rita Kelly, Director of Marketing at Contiki Vacations. “By honing in on these 4 subgroups during our strategic planning phase, Contiki identified a variety of inspirational topics that feed the Millennials’ aspirations of traveling to Europe this summer.”

The campaign, which runs through April 30th, will continue to reveal video and written content that will appeal to all Millennials in hopes to inspire them to travel to Europe this summer. For more information or to view the content, visit

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