Experts Educating Patients Launches Health Education Website Educates and Empowers Consumers to Make Informed Decisions About Their Health

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - Apr 13, 2015) - Experts Educating Patients (EEP), a network of physicians dedicated to empowering patients about their health issues, today announced the launch of its free, online education service found at Utilizing EEP's unique and secure online system, users can Ask an Expert to review their diagnoses. EEP physicians respond to users' questions in a completely confidential manner in 24 hours or less. Currently, EEP is focused on spinal health issues, but plans to expand to several practice areas over the next year. The new service is also available on mobile devices.

In today's health care environment, physicians are spending less time with their patients. In fact, doctors' appointments are often scheduled at 15-minute intervals. "This limited face-to-face time between doctor and patient ends up taking a toll, and health education -- a critical element of good health care -- suffers. We recognized this void and created EEP to help patients better understand their diagnoses and treatment options," said Joshua M. Ammerman, M.D., Chair, EEP Board of Directors.

According to a recent survey from Survey Sampling International and The Research Intelligence Group, nearly fifty percent of patients would be more satisfied if physicians devoted more time to helping them understand their health. "EEP is dedicated to bridging this gap. Our goal is to provide patients with better knowledge to help discuss options with their doctors and improve their overall health and wellness," added Dr. Ammerman.

EEP is built on a secure platform. Users are never asked to submit any personally identifiable information (PII) -- there is complete anonymity for users. Users provide an email address so the EEP experts can respond to them but once the response is sent, the email address is automatically and securely removed from the system. Since the email address is briefly stored in the secure system, experts do not see the email address when they review a person's case.

"We built the EEP platform with the highest level of security and privacy in mind," said Thomas Pennington, Chief Operations and Technology Officer at EEP. "While we don't use any PII, it was important to us to deliver a platform that goes well above and beyond any required security requirements to safeguard our users' privacy."

"Healthcare is complicated. As new treatments and options evolve, patients can turn to EEP's Ask an Expert to understand how to best proceed and be armed with information to guide discussions with their doctors. Most physicians will see the value of integrating the EEP process into their patient care because an educated patient is usually a healthier patient," added Dr. Ammerman.

To learn more about EEP or to Ask an Expert, visit

About Experts Educating Patients

Experts Educating Patients (EEP) was founded in 2015 to help healthcare consumers become more educated about their medical issues in a personalized manner. EEP's board-certified physicians strive to empower patients to make the best-informed decisions about their healthcare needs.

EEP is built on a secure platform ensuring all user data is secure throughout its entire lifecycle. We never ask for any personally identifiable information (PII). By allowing users to Ask an Expert with complete anonymity, EEP is able to use the data to identify trends in population health to help create healthier, more productive communities. EEP is headquartered in Washington, DC. To learn more about EEP, please visit

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