Rare Albanian Cannabis May be an Opening for CBD Oil Seekers

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

OTTAWA, April 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canadians seeking alternative solutions for medicinal marijuana may be onto a pleasant surprise due to a recent partnership between the United States and Albanian governments to engage in the exportation of Albanian cannabidiol (CBD) oil produced from a rare type of cannabis known as Ruderalis that contains extremely low amounts of THC and (contrarily) an excessively high amount of CBD content, which would declare it as (non-medicinal) industrial hemp under national regulations.

Undoubtedly, Health Minister Rona Ambrose's letter to Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson about the city's possible plan to regulate marijuana-selling businesses put a damper on any immediate progress for pro-cannabis Canadians seeking medical treatment from CBD oil. However, the authorised North American reseller of this rare 'Balkan' hemp oil debuted their brand and website on a billboard in New York City's Time Square last week, offering free trial samples online, as a photo link shared by a pro-cannabis social media post displayed.

"This new resource from Europe could be great for our community relief programmes. It's miraculous how a country so small and so far away could have such a positive effect on so many of us over here" comments Community Works Ontario spokesperson Tony Cohen, who also noted that he is 'quite amazed at the progress America and Albania are making on this issue and only hopes it can benefit Canadians living with autism, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, epilepsy, or fighting cancer' as his grandfather did before passing away last year.

Cannabis Ruderalis, is an uncultivated strain that grows wild throughout Russia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe, yet is still prohibited under Albanian legislature despite the announcement for plans to export Albanian hemp oil to the United States for industrial use.