PITTSBURGH, May 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Industry Weapon, experts in simplifying and advancing the applications of digital signage, announced that their software is now compatible with Samsung Smart Signage Platform commercial displays. The technology has proven to be beneficial to the digital signage industry and complements Industry Weapon's supported device portfolio.

"Samsung's product offering provides Industry Weapon customers with more options than we've been able to give them previously," said Dave Wible, CEO at Industry Weapon. "I'm most excited to present customers the choice of not installing a media player when deploying our digital signage solutions."

Samsung Smart Signage Platform displays come in a variety of sizes and models, from 10 inch to 82 inch displays with touch options to sunlight readable IP56 sealed displays for outdoor applications. The wide range of screen sizes gives customers more options for their deployments.

Samsung's Smart Signage Platform includes an embedded, high-performance media player which allows users to play back content without the need for a separate PC or set-back box. By eliminating the need for external devices, the Samsung Smart Signage Platform ensures clean and simple installation and operational processes, saving both time and money.

Samsung's solution is already in use for many of Industry Weapon's digital signage customers. The SaaS software company continues to provide 24/7 global customer service to over 15 industries, including free live support and unlimited training.

About Industry Weapon

Industry Weapon (www.industryweapon.com), a digital media company, specializes in simplifying and advancing the applications of digital signage. The SaaS solution enables subscribers to design, schedule and publish multimedia content and integrated data sources to screens, kiosks, tablets and mobile devices. Their solution is suited for all industries and includes 24/7 free support and training along with design and creative services.