Joint Venture Between TMI and TTR Announced at Telestrategies Annual Conference

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - May 14, 2015) -  (Grand Floridian Conference Center) - During the 16th annual Telestrategies Communication Taxation Conference, Transaction Tax Resources, Inc. (TTR) and Technologies Management, Inc. (TMI) announced their telecommunications industry joint venture.

TMI and TTR's joint venture went live this week with a significantly expanded federal, state, and local regulatory information offering, including all regulatory rates. This offering, created jointly and provided exclusively through TTR's tax website, marks an industry first -- access to all federal, state, and local tax and regulatory information, including the following features:

1. Telecommunications providers can now quickly find a list of every tax and regulatory fee that applies to their sales of services.

2. Telecommunications providers can now quickly find out which tax and regulatory fees should be included on customer invoices for traditional telecommunications, VoIP, and wireless services.

3. Telecommunications providers can now instantly view all "tax on tax" and "tax on fee" rules for charges on customer invoices.

4. Telecommunications providers can now instantly see how to accurately pay tax on purchases of equipment and infrastructure. 

5. Telecommunications providers can now instantly view most forms needed to stay compliant with tax and regulatory filings.

6. Telecommunications providers can now find all regulatory information, updated real-time.

7.  Telecommunications providers can access all federal, state, and local telecommunications tax rates, including 911 fees and all regulatory charges in a dynamic and customizable format.

"We are thrilled about this partnership. TMI has a rich history of providing exceptional service to the telecommunications industry. Connie's team is second to none in state and federal regulatory matters. This joint venture allows our companies to really capitalize on our strengths. We've been working together so long on this -- it's exciting to finally let others know. The telecommunications industry now has access to the most comprehensive and easy to use tax rates and regulatory information anywhere," said Shon Holyfield, TTR's CEO.

TMI is the nation's leading state and federal regulatory consulting firm for the telecommunications and energy industries. TTR and TMI's ability to coordinate and deliver telecommunications rates and regulatory information will significantly alleviate compliance burdens on tax departments. 

TMI's CEO, Connie Wightman stated, "With a majority of the Global 1,000 already using TTR, TTR's tax website is considered a 'best practice' for sales and use tax answers by leading tax professionals across the nation. Leveraging TTR's tax website just makes good business sense. The combined strength of TMI and TTR made for a juggernaut tax answers solution. This joint venture is a perfect fit for both companies."

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