ReachLocal Introduces ReachDisplay InApp, New Solution for Local Businesses to Deliver Location-Based Ads to Consumers' Mobile Devices

ReachDisplay InApp's Targeted Ads Provide Additional Options for Consumer Engagement and Response

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., May 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ReachLocal Inc. (Nasdaq:RLOC), a leader in powering online marketing for local businesses, today announced ReachDisplay InApp™, a new solution that delivers location-based dynamic advertisements to consumer smartphones. ReachDisplay InApp is able to reach new consumers within a geo-fenced radius, targeting users on iOS and Android devices.

A recent Nielsen report found that 87 percent of consumers use mobile devices for shopping activities and another identified some 68 percent conduct pre-purchase research on their smartphones. New mobile marketing technologies, like ReachDisplay InApp, leverage the growth in mobile usage by giving local businesses the tools needed to reach consumers in highly-focused ways not previously possible.

"Location-targeted ads use proximity to a business to deliver ads that consumers can act on, increasing the opportunity to reach locally relevant consumers in real time," said Kris Barton, Chief Product Officer at ReachLocal. "In fact, when eMarketer asked marketers and digital ad experts to evaluate different forms of mobile advertising, location-targeted ads received top marks."

ReachDisplay InApp is just one of several offerings in ReachLocal's total digital marketing system that ensures local businesses have what they need to compete in the rapidly growing mobile ecosystem. The company also offers ReachSite™, a professionally designed, mobile-responsive website, as well as mobile landing pages for ReachSearch™ clients; ReachEdge™, lead conversion software that includes a mobile app for on-the-go access to lead lists and other results; and ReachCast™, a web presence management solution that includes mobile-responsive website landing pages.

The new offering delivers display ads dynamically within mobile applications, where analysts predict revenues will surpass web display ads next year. In applications, where mobile users spend a majority of their time, consumers can choose to interact with the ad in several ways, allowing the client the ability to track the engagement and conversion activity generated from the digital advertisements.

ReachLocal believes that coupon codes, a feature of the in-app advertising ReachLocal is offering, will better engage consumers. Barton adds, "The use of coupon codes has made this new media very successful and allows the consumer to store the advertisement in their photo library where they can easily share and send to friends."

ReachDisplay InApp's features include:

Geo-fence targeting:

  • A local geo-fence created around the business address
  • Consumers within range are targeted with in-app advertisements on smartphones

Expandable, dynamic creative

  • Expandable ads allow users to engage without leaving the app, improving the user experience and consumer engagement
  • Ads dynamically display the distance to the business location and options to open in maps for directions
  • Each campaign includes the ability to offer a coupon or offer code with; coupons can be saved and shared with friends and family

Multiple calls-to-action

  • Consumers can click to call, visit the website, view the business on a map, and save or send a coupon to a friend; and clients are able to customize their preferred actions
  • Automated daily reports on click-through-rates, clicks and impressions, and ad engagement provided in ReachCentral

For more information on ways in which local businesses can grow using mobile solutions, you can watch a ReachLocal Remarks video with CEO Sharon Rowlands, watch an on-demand webinar featuring ReachDisplay InApp or view an infographic on mobile marketing tips for small businesses.

Pricing and Availability

This offering currently is available in the U.S. For pricing and other information contact us at (888) 966-9771 or visit our website:

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