Hennen and Van Dijk Now Shaping Analytics and Big Data at ORTEC

Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

ATLANTA, May 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ORTEC Consulting Group's Steven van Dijk and Patrick Hennen are now jointly responsible for Big Data and Analytics. As Director of Advanced Analytics & Solutions, Hennen will guide clients in the solving of complex challenges with Analytics and Big Data. Van Dijk, Manager of Technology & Innovation, will now be responsible for software development and the use of analytics tools, with a strong focus on state-of-the-art technology and innovation.

Innovation, quality, simplicity and convenience are the foundation of their work. Making use of Analytics and Big Data is a complicated task for many organizations. Hennen and Van Dijk's vision is to make the implementation process and the solution transparent and easy to work with. How will they put this vision into practice and what characterizes their method?

Quality and Innovation in Analytics and Big Data

If an organization wants to start working with Big Data and Analytics, Hennen performs an analysis first to determine the exact need. "Having a clear definition of the challenges at hand is crucial," says Hennen. "We take this first step together with the client, and apply an explorative and iterative approach where necessary to ensure that we maintain quality in all phases - from design and feasibility assessments to start-up. We also think it is important to apply new insights and possibilities in practice. We think big, but start small."

Van Dijk adds: "Our Web-based Decision Support Systems and Big Data Portal are state-of-the-art. Because of our software's unique design, we can offer applications through the cloud or through user friendly installation." ORTEC's recently launched Big Data Portal provides customers with the ability to solve complex questions using Analytics and Big Data tools and techniques. The portal enables you to address common challenges such as customer segmentation and fraud detection. The workflow gets you through key steps, from data collection and cleansing to data enrichment and connectivity with real-time information streams.

Workable solutions and ease of use

After the customer provides all the relevant data, ORTEC handles its replenishment, transformation and processing through third party services. Insights are then delivered through the application of smart algorithms. "The big advantage offered by our Big Data Portal is that the customer can work with an existing workflow and functionalities without having prior knowledge of the technicalities involved," explains Van Dijk. "This is characteristic of ORTEC and ORTEC Consulting Group. For complex issues, we offer simplicity and convenience. Complicated things happen in the background. The client eventually sees a visual presentation of the results. We keep the focus on what really matters: finding a workable solution to a complex issue with an understandable explanation for the customer," he emphasizes.

ORTEC's vision on Big Data: The 4 Vs and the ABC approach

Hennen highlights: "Big Data can be defined by 4 Vs: Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity. At ORTEC, we also apply an ABC approach: Analytics, Business and Computer Science. The interplay between Analytics techniques, relevant business knowledge and strong computing power is crucial in the world of Big Data and Analytics." Furthermore, ORTEC has formed a partnership with Amsterdam Business School and the Big Data University of Amsterdam to offer courses for Executives, Managers and Data Scientists. Hennen explains: "Analytics and Data Science talent is scarce and that shortage will only increase. Therefore, we provide targeted training through our Big Data Academy. Our collaboration between the Amsterdam Business School and Amsterdam's Big Data University is unique, we are proud to have established such a cooperation."

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