Clare and Tempus Finding Success in Mainstream and Luxury Markets

ClareHome is winning 75 percent of the luxury condo market in Sarasota-Bradenton metro area, while continuing to expand - at home and around the nation - with mainstream single-family homebuilders and distributors.

Sarasota, Florida, UNITED STATES

SARASOTA, FLA., May 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recent wins in both the mainstream and luxury builder markets continue to validate and extend Clare Control's value proposition across a widening range of automation markets nationwide.

The Sarasota-Bradenton metropolitan area is home to some of the Florida Gulf Coast's most exclusive new condominium developments. These include The Jewel, AQUA, Aria on Longboat Key, and One88, featuring units priced from $1 million to $4 million.  Through partnership with Tempus Pro Services, Clare's local technology partner, ClareHome automation is now offered as a standard amenity in each of these projects.  Together, Clare and Tempus are winning more than 75 percent of the area's luxury condominium projects, including three leading developments in which they have achieved a take rate greater than 95 percent.

In the rapidly emerging mainstream single-family automation market, homebuilders such as Taylor Morrison Denver, McMillan Texas Homes, DJK Custom Homes, and Granite Ridge Homes are now offering Clare automation.  In the ClareHome Builder Program, Clare partners with builders and local technology installers to place affordable home automation solutions in mainstream homes.  Clare offers a high value to today's tech-savvy homebuyers, delivering automation solutions with exactly the same performance as their luxury residences, but scaled in size and price to smaller, more affordable homes. This is a cost-effective alternative for new owners who don't want to tinker with DIY automation kits or security company add-ons that require costly extended monitoring contracts.

"Builders, integrators, and homeowners, no matter their stripe, want high-end automation that's simple to install and use, at a reasonable price," said Brett Price, Clare's President. "The market is increasingly validating our strategy, as no other automation company can claim growing strength in such a wide range of the market."

"Clare's cloud-based remote system management scheme delivers great value for us," said Director of Commercial Integration Anthony Liga, "allowing us to deploy and manage automation projects at a fraction of our previous cost.  And with the system's unique scalability, we've got a level of future-proofing that assures our customers that their systems will be well-maintained, and that we will be there to update, resize, and add applications to their ClareHome systems as their needs evolve.  These benefits cross project size and cost," Liga concluded, "allowing Tempus to capitalize profitably on a wider range of automation opportunities."

Clare also recently started selling its extensive line-up of residential and commercial applications through the PowerHouse Alliance, North America's premier distribution group. PowerHouse Alliance offers full support of Clare products nationwide to dealers looking for efficient, high-performance control, A/V, and surveillance solutions.

About Clare Controls

By making home technology simple, Clare provides clear and exclusive benefits to builders, integrators, and homeowners.  Our product line features home automation solutions that are simple to install, maintain, and use; and that give homeowners the greatest level of control over their own automation experiences.  Users of Clare automation systems control applications that enhance security, comfort, and fun ¾ from home or away ¾ with an easy-to-learn app that runs on favorite smart phones and tablets.  Additionally, we offer several families of point-solution components for forward-thinking integrators regardless of automation affiliation.  For more information, visit

About Tempus Pro Services

Tempus Pro Services is the most widely experienced systems integrator on Florida's west coast.  We are renowned for the consultative, educational approach we bring to every aspect of our clients' electronic lifestyle systems.  Our rigorous commitment to proven technologies, products, and personnel assures our clients' satisfaction, and we are proud of the reputation we have earned as one of the most respected names in our industry.