Stratfor Editorial Series Applies Soviet-Era Kremlinology to Gauge the Stability of Putin's Regime

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - May 26, 2015) - Stratfor today published its newest editorial series, providing both a historical and current examination of the struggles and power shifts inside the Kremlin, as well as analysis of the impact such struggles have had on Russia's past and present regimes.

The global intelligence firm's four-part series applies the Soviet-era art of Kremlinology to analyze the constantly shifting network of Russian alliances, rivals and influencers to help make sense of the Kremlin's political intrigues.

"The historic art of Kremlinology involves watching hundreds of seemingly unconnected events and details happening inside the Kremlin while attempting to weave common threads into a narrative," said Lauren Goodrich, senior Eurasia analyst at Stratfor. "It is an imperfect art but an important one, nonetheless, that is back in demand as the Putin regime faces mounting stress and instability."

Part one of Stratfor's Kremlinology series -- Studying the Kremlin in Soviet Times -- reviews how Kremlinologists during the Soviet era pieced together hints and fragments of information to form a better picture of Moscow's political affairs. Additional pieces in the series address how studying the Kremlin today requires many of the same skills used during Soviet times and how signs and clues within Russia's current government indicate that a power struggle with potentially serious ramifications is underway.

"Stratfor has meticulously gathered a timeline of events, rumors, lies, meetings and other details that pertain to the current actors and institutions in Russia's political struggle," added Goodrich. "We're starting to see the puzzle pieces fit together. This is not to say the Russian government is on the verge of collapse or that Putin will soon fall from his position as president. But it does indicate a dangerous struggle is currently underway that has the potential for some level of changes to take place."

VIDEO: Hear additional commentary from Goodrich and Stratfor Vice President of Global Analysis Reva Bhalla in this video preview discussing the firm's Kremlinology series.

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