SignalFx Joins the New Docker Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) Program for Monitoring With Docker Integration and Open Source Contributions

SignalFx Supports Monitoring Docker Environments at Any Scale With Advanced Monitoring Platform Based on Real-Time Analytics

San Mateo, California, UNITED STATES

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 9, 2015) - SignalFx, the most advanced monitoring platform for modern applications, today announced that it has been recognized by Docker as an Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) for monitoring. SignalFx has released a full integration with the Docker platform via the Docker API. Organizations of all sizes can use SignalFx to monitor their Dockerized distributed applications in real-time.

"We're happy to have SignalFx bring their real-time monitoring and streaming analytics platform to Docker through integration with Docker's Stats API. We look forward to collaborating with this SignalFx team and helping users monitor their modern application environments built on Docker at scale." - Scott Johnston, SVP of Product

Built by engineers with experience operating large scale platforms for web scale companies, SignalFx is the most advanced monitoring platform for metrics data and provides:

  • High resolution: Users can send metrics up to and including one second resolution, or any mix of resolutions and see them in streaming dashboards that are updated every second.
  • Streaming and historical analytics: SignalFx's SignalFlow™ technology computes and displays the results of custom analytics pipelines at any scale-like percentiles and time-over-time comparisons-within seconds of the raw data.
  • Multidimensional metrics: All metrics can be multi-dimensional, allowing users to aggregate, filter and model metrics however they like, such as the 99th-percentile-of-latency-by-service-and-customer.

These features enable SignalFx users to correlate container-level performance metrics with everything from underlying infrastructure metrics to application and end-user behavior.

"We are very excited to be part of Docker's ETP program and to provide full support for Docker environments. As companies around the world are modernizing their applications with microservices architectures using technologies like Docker, they will need to rethink their monitoring strategies and employ an analytics-based monitoring approach. We are proud to amplify our participation in the ecosystem by contributing to the docker-collectd plugin. We look forward to continued collaboration with Docker to make users like Yelp successful with operating their Dockerized apps." - Karthik Rau, CEO and Co-founder of SignalFx

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About SignalFx

SignalFx provides the most advanced monitoring platform for modern applications. Built by inventors of cloud-scale monitoring technologies, the SignalFx SaaS-based solution delivers the only interactive, system-wide view of applications and infrastructure data at any scale. The distributed and dynamic nature of modern cloud applications has turned monitoring into an analytics problem. SignalFx SignalFlow™ streaming and historical analytics technology empowers development and operations teams to shift from component-level monitoring to detecting aggregate patterns and anomalies across their distributed applications in real-time. Organizations can submit any metric data at any scale into the SignalFx platform, allowing product teams to model and correlate key application and business metrics against underlying infrastructure behavior to answer critical questions about operations. Companies large and small, including Yelp, Tapjoy, Onshape, Symphony Commerce, Clever, Chairish, Grovo and more rely on SignalFx to innovate faster and make their customers happy with well-built, reliably performing, rapidly improving applications.

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