Ensim and SureTax(R) Announce Partnership, Integrating Tax Calculation Services Into the Ensim Automation Suite

Ensim and SureTax Make Tax Calculation Accessible Through the Ensim Automation Suite Platform

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 9, 2015) - Ensim Corporation, provider of an end-to-end platform for monetizing any offering with marketplace, subscription management, service catalog, provisioning, usage collection and billing for service providers and enterprises, today announced Partnership with SureTax®, adding Tax Calculation Services to the Ensim Automation Suite.

This strategic partnership allows the Ensim Automation Suite to leverage tax rating, reporting and calculation services offered by SureTax through a turn-key solution that integrates directly into the platform. Ensim can offer accurate and easy-to-use tax calculation services for specialized industries such as communications, infrastructure, and cloud services, as well as general sales and use taxes.

With the integration of the SureTax solution with the Ensim Automation Suite, Service Providers are able to rate and calculate taxes using SureTax's taxation engine, thus helping them determine what they need to collect and bureaus to which they must remit taxes. The system is completely automated and allows Service Providers the ability to bundle products and services and estimate taxes for quotes and orders and apply the correct tax details to their invoices.

"We are excited to partner with SureTax. Our mutual customers can now enjoy a complete tax management solution for their Ensim platform," said Ensim CEO David Wippich. "SureTax manages fine grain taxation rules for over 170 countries so our customers can focus on growing their business and not be buried in tax calculations and reporting."

SureTax is a robust, real-time, accurate tax calculation solution designed specifically to handle the unique nuances found in complex industries such as communications and cloud services. SureTax easily adapts to evolving products and services, and can be customized to meet jurisdiction or industry-specific rates and rules. SureTax contains over 600 taxability items in communications, software, and cloud services, plus available coverage for VAT, while offering extensive reporting capabilities and easily accommodating remittance systems and compliance for service provider needs.

"We know that the addition of SureTax to the Ensim Automation Suite will benefit Ensim's customers manage all their taxation needs and will make compliance easy," adds Mike Sanders, SureTax Chief Product Architect. "We look forward to working with the Ensim community and bringing easy taxation to their customers which will help set them apart from the competition."

About Ensim

Founded in 1998, Ensim provides an end-to-end platform for marketplace, storefront, subscription management, service catalog, ticketing, provisioning, usage collection, and billing management with self-service portals for users, organizations, and channels. Ensim supports the monetization and management of any offering such as business applications, infrastructure, cloud brokerage, as well as SaaS, IaaS, & ITaaS. The Ensim Automation Suite is ready-to-launch as an on-premise or cloud based solution; can integrate with any existing back office environment; and is available in both dedicated and multi-tenant versions to meet Enterprise and Service Provider requirements. For additional information, visit http://www.ensim.com.

About SureTax

SureTax® offers dynamic, on-demand taxation solutions for new and existing communications providers driven by content from CCH, the industry leading global provider of tax, accounting and audit information. SureTax® simplifies the complex world of communications and cloud services taxes with a robust, "real-time", web-based tax calculation solution that is delivered as a cloud based SaaS technology. For additional information, visit http://www.suretax.com/.