Mondo Super X Performance track awaits superstar athletes at eleventh annual adidas Grand Prix

NEW YORK, June 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- International track and field superstars, including reigning Olympic gold medalists, lead the lineup of top athletes headed to the adidas Grand Prix in New York on June 13. They will compete on a track worthy of their abilities: a Super X Performance track made by Mondo, the global leader in the track and field, indoor sport and contract flooring markets.

Held at Icahn Stadium at Randall's Island and the seventh stop on the international IAAF Diamond League circuit, the adidas Grand Prix continues to be one of the world's premier track and field events, and a regular venue for record-setting performances, including two world and 22 national records. Because of its high visibility, the event continually draws some of the world's best track and field athletes, and this year is no exception. Notable competitors include Usain Bolt, David Rudisha, Blanka Vlašić, Ajeé Wilson, and reigning Olympic gold medalists Jenn Suhr and Sally Pearson, bringing the total Olympic or world champions at the event to more than 35, and the total medalists to more than 70.

Home to an eight-lane, 400-meter Mondo Super X Performance track, Icahn Stadium is Class 1 certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations, so it meets the precise quality and performance requirements laid down by the IAAF, including those for synthetic track surfaces. It was the first athletic facility in the United States to receive the prestigious certification. Only four venues in the U.S. and 80 internationally are IAAF Class 1 certified.

The world's top track for more than 30 years, Mondo's Super X Performance track is recognized as one of the fastest, most durable and environmentally safest tracks available. Perfect for both training and high-performance competition, the track is known for its shock absorption and optimal energy return, and its ideal blend of speed and comfort minimizes the occurrence of injuries.

Mondo has served as the competition surface of the Olympics Games since 1992, and more than 250 world records have been set on tracks made by the company.

About Mondo

Mondo is the global leader in the track and field, indoor sport and contract flooring markets, manufacturing flooring surfaces for virtually every application. More than 1,100 Mondo tracks and millions of square feet of the company's high-performance athletic surfaces are installed worldwide.

An official supplier of athletic tracks for the past 10 Olympic Games, Mondo also is the official supplier or sponsor of more than 100 sports federations and associations.

A family-owned business since its founding in 1948, the company sells its products in more than 196 countries through Mondo-owned manufacturing companies in Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and China. For news updates, visit and like Mondo America's Facebook page.

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