ClareVue Lighting Now Shipping

Affordable, full-featured, and easy to install, Clare's smart lighting line presents installers with new opportunities.

Sarasota, Florida, UNITED STATES

SARASOTA, Fla., Aug. 4, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Now shipping, Clare Controls' ClareVue Lighting line provides the same functionality as luxury automated lighting systems that cost twice as much. It handily outperforms today's "affordable" lighting systems. And—courtesy of the powerful new ClareVue Lighting Wizard—it's easier to program and install than either.

ClareVue lighting offers many benefits to integrators. It delivers easily customized, luxury performance across all lighting types, including dimmable LED/CFL, incandescent, halogen, magnetic low-voltage, and electronic low-voltage loads. The components do not require special house wiring and—since Z-Wave technology is built into Clare's CLIQ hosts—a separate lighting controller is not required. This allows for easy scalability in new and retrofit installations.

With the ClareVue Lighting Wizard built into the latest release of Clare's Fusion Configuration Tool, integrators will find it simple to create sophisticated lighting applications. Installation is reduced to a three-step "add–configure–deploy" process, with built-in best practices helping to assure that all required parameters are entered, and that they are correct.

Michael Kennedy, Custom AV Programmer for HomePro Tech in Houston, Texas, described the efficiency the ClareVue Lighting Wizard brings to his job. "The wizard makes installing ClareVue a breeze," he stated. "It walks you through every step, so even a novice programmer can easily add and remove light switches, pair accessory switches with their master switches, and even program keypads."

ClareVue Lighting is creating exciting new opportunities for a wide assortment of pros bringing high-value "smart" technologies to mainstream homes. The line includes master and accessory dimmers and switches, plus receptacles and programmable keypads that network together. The components are certified to integrate seamlessly into the company's ClareHome automation solution for simple, secure operation, from home or away. Advanced features include reliable synchronized feedback mechanisms that reflect lighting conditions instantly via LEDs in both master and accessory components, and in the Clare user interface.

The system is based on Z-Wave mesh networking, the leading wireless automation technology. Powerful, reliable, and secure, ClareVue smashes the troublesome 50-device / 30-foot range limitations inherent in "hub and spoke" wireless lighting architectures.

Vice President of Sales Jeff Zemanek, who joined Clare following a celebrated turn at the helm of Lutron's domestic distribution channel, commented on ClareVue's potential in the evolving automation market. "The convenience of lighting controls is no longer for just the wealthy," he stated. "With ClareVue Lighting, we have succeeded in hitting a previously unattainable price point, at about half the cost of competing luxury systems. A low cost, reliable system like this, one that is easy to install and program, will finally allow our partners to make lighting control a standard in all homes."

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