Mirabella to Use Derivitec's Risk Portal

Mirabella has Selected Derivitec's Risk Portal Product for Production of Short Selling Reports ('SSR's')

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - August 14, 2015) - SSR is a European regulation that imposes restrictions on the amount of short selling undertaken by natural or legal persons. This regulation was enacted into law after the financial crisis of 2007-2008 when it was suspected that short selling of shares could worsen the stability of the financial system. SSR does not only put restrictions on shares but also restricts the short selling of debt issued by EEA Member states and also CDS on the outstanding debt issued by these Sovereign bodies.

Derivitec's Risk Portal allows clients to access industrial standard risk reporting software directly through the web, with zero installation overhead, on a pay-as-you-go basis. Whilst originally designed to handle analytics on derivative products, the platform has been significantly extended to cover everything from shocks to regulatory reports across a wide range of assets, globally. End of day market data, and portfolio management are provided as standard, leaving the client with nothing more to do than upload portfolios and calculate to obtain their end of day risk numbers.

Mirabella was impressed with the ease of use, and responsiveness of the platform, as well as the quick turnaround on new requests from the Derivitec team.

Joe Vittoria, CEO of Mirabella, comments:
"Since we are the market leading regulatory platform it is vital that our process uses tools of the highest standard to be able to calculate and report accurate data held by our managers as required by law. Derivitec has helped a lot in that aspect by providing a clear and easy-to-use platform that we can use to generate our daily SSR report."

George Kaye, CEO and founder of Derivitec, comments:
"Working with Mirabella has been a fantastic experience. We were able to extend the depth and reach of the platform rapidly, providing additional reporting capability of benefit to a wide range of buy side clients. We greatly look forward to deepening our relationship with Mirabella in the years ahead."

About Derivitec
Derivitec Ltd is a privately owned, UK based independent software vendor specialising in high performance, cost effective analytics for the derivatives industry. Founded in Dec 2011, the company have been working intensively towards cloud based solutions for risk and portfolio management.

The Derivitec Risk Portal has been designed to allow users to start analysing risk on their derivatives portfolios in a matter of minutes. With industrial standard models and sanitised market data as standard, customers can focus on the business of business, while we concentrate on the business of risk.

About Mirabella
Mirabella is the leading regulatory hosting platform based in UK and Malta and managing approximately $3 billion of assets. Mirabella enables its clients to initiate operations in the UK and Malta with all appropriate FCA, MFSA and SEC/CFTC permissions and procedures, while they retain their own ownership, identity and control. Mirabella's focus is to enhance its clients' entrepreneurial value. Typically, the services offered by Mirabella appeal to investment advisors and managers. Mirabella is a part of the Cordium group, the market-leading provider of regulatory compliance consulting services.

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