Clare Controls Providing Automation for Lexar Homes

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Sarasota, Florida, UNITED STATES

SARASOTA, Fla., Aug. 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clare Controls and Lexar Homes are partnering to include smart automation packages as standard amenities in homes offered by the company's network of franchised builders in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and North Dakota.

Lexar's 14 franchisees build "on-your-site" custom homes, each designed to meet a wide variety of homeowners' size, style, amenities, and maintenance requirements, while being cost-effective. Their renowned focus on Building Science allows Lexar to deliver homes that provide healthy, comfortable, and sustainable environments for their customers' families, creating energy efficiency and savings by exceeding minimum state code requirements.

The automation solutions for Lexar Homes are being delivered via a partnership with Clare Controls, a manufacturer of high-performance automation solutions that offer scalable lifestyle automation solutions. The automation package built into in every smart Lexar home will feature Clare's CLIQ controller, the "brain" of the system, which will provide access and control over applications including several critical areas of lighting and a video surveillance camera at the front door. Homeowners can easily personalize their systems, selecting packages to enhance the safety, security, comfort, and convenience of their Lexar homes. Users control their homes via Clare's personalized interface on their iPads, iPhones, and Android phones, securely from home or away. They can also create, modify, and schedule personalized multi-application Scenes from within the app, without technical expertise or outside assistance.

Lexar principals Bob Hollis and James Moen discussed their company's aggressive position on the integration of automation into their homes. "Lexar is heavily into the Building Science aspects of our business, and we make a very concerted effort to lead the Northwest in this category," said Hollis. "We look for the companies with the best reputations in their respective fields, and work with them to provide their products to our homeowners."

"Home automation is clearly the future of our industry," Moen agreed. "We have been actively monitoring the market to identify a provider that could offer the performance and support Lexar expects, at a price our customers can afford. Clare Controls impressed us as the company that will accomplish this goal, helping us maintain the leadership role we have earned in our industry."

Brian Dietsch, Clare's VP of Business Development added, "ClareHome automation will provide a significant value-add to Lexar's Building Science commitment. Our combination of a comprehensive Builder business plan and proven technology allows their geographically dispersed franchisees to provide smart home automation across the broadest range of floor plans," he said. "We are proud to have earned Lexar's confidence."

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