ASCII Group and TTR, Inc. Announce the First National Sales Tax Helpdesk for Managed Service Providers

MCMINNVILLE, OR--(Marketwired - August 25, 2015) - ASCII Group, a membership-based community of independent MSPs, VARs and solution providers, is pleased to announce a new service aimed at helping ASCII Group members navigate the complexities surrounding sales tax and how it pertains to IT services.

ASCII Group partnered with TTR, Inc. to create a tailored set of sales tax related questions to assist VARs, MSPs and other solution providers. TTR, Inc. worked for months researching ASCII's tailored questions and adding these questions to its subscription based website for use by ASCII for ASCII's members.

A first of its kind in the industry, this support service will answer those sales tax questions for ASCII members in every state by giving answers from TTR, Inc., a renowned authority on corporate sales tax. TTR, Inc. is a recognized leader in sales tax and works with nearly 60% of the Fortune 1,000.

TTR, Inc. created a tailored solution so that ASCII will automatically get sales tax answer updates that it will immediately push out to the membership whenever a state changes or re-interprets a sales tax law. This will ensure that members always have the most up-to-date answers on sales tax issues for every state they are doing business in.

"We are thrilled with our partnership with ASCII. Jerry and the management team at ASCII care a great deal about their members. Our two companies worked very closely together to identify the exact questions needed to serve ASCII's members' needs. That is really the definition of care: to find out what another needs and deliver or provide it. I am very impressed with this bold and caring move by ASCII," said Shon Holyfield, CEO, TTR, Inc.

"As our members continue to expand their services locally and nationally, having a resource to mitigate their risk of improperly applying sales tax is simply one less thing our community of IT providers have to worry about," said Jerry Koutavas, President, The ASCII Group.

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About The ASCII Group, Inc:

The ASCII Group is a vibrant reseller community of independent MSPs, VARs, and other solution providers. Formed in 1984, ASCII has more than 70 programs that provide turnkey cost-cutting strategies, innovative business building programs, and extensive peer interaction. ASCII members enjoy benefits such as marketing support; educational information; group purchasing power; increased leverage in the marketplace; and multiple networking opportunities. These programs enable ASCII members to increase revenue, lower operating costs, and grow service opportunities. Learn more at

About TTR:

Transaction (buying or selling things), Tax (the tax on this activity), Resources (our people, our website, our support services) -- TTR, Inc.

TTR created and maintains a website that companies subscribe to and use daily. This website provides a list of everything that can be bought or sold in the U.S. It provides simple answers to whether buying or selling these items is taxable (subject to a sales tax or other tax), and it provides all the legal authority to support these tax answers.

We'd love the opportunity to partner with your team. If we sound like a good fit, then drop us a line and let's figure out a way to work together.

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