Leef Introduces iAccess, An iOS Accessory for On-the-Fly Transfer of Videos, Photos & Other Content Between Devices

Drone and action cam users can plug-and-play their microSD memory card into an iOS device for immediate playback of content--no WiFi required

Salt Lake City, Utah, UNITED STATES

Salt Lake City, UT, Oct. 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leef, makers of the popular iOS memory expansion accessory iBridge, unveiled its latest mobile phone solution, the Leef iAccess. Designed for iOS users, the iAccess allows for easy, immediate transferring of large video, photo or music files between a device and iPhone or iPad.  Leef iAccess is priced at $49.99 and is available to purchase from Amazon.com and at Leefco.com.

Leef iAccess is one of the first memory accessories compatible with both iPhones/iPads and microSD cards. Using a compatible iOS Lightning Port and Leef's proprietary MobileMemory app, iAccess moves videos, photos, music files, and documents from any device with a microSD card to an iPhone or iPad for viewing, saving, sharing or sending.

Drone or action cam users can plug and play their microSD memory card immediately into an iOS device to view footage, edit, and share without Wi-Fi, cables or a laptop, and from anywhere in the wild.  

"Leef iAccess is all about the on-the-fly transfer of content from GoPros, drones or cameras to iOS devices," said David Smurthwaite, partner at Leef. "To date, the other solution for transferring content has been WiFi or Bluetooth, which are klunky and slow. Leef products are unique, making transfers much quicker and easier without worrying about connectivity or cables."

Approximately 1.5" x ¾", the Leef iAccess is a discreet, ergonomically J-shaped drive created in 'Apple white' and fits easily in a pocket.

For more information, visit www.leefco.com, or follow at Twitter.com/Leef_USA and Facebook.com/LeefProducts.