HomeGrid Forum Welcomes First Public Demonstration of Latest 2 Gbps ITU-T G.hn Standard

Marvell's Next-Generation G.hn Technology Previewed at Broadband World Forum, Delivering Up to 2 Gbps Over Any Wire

Beaverton, Oregon, UNITED STATES

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Oct 20, 2015) -

News highlights:

  • HomeGrid Forum welcomes the adoption of the latest 2 Gbps G.hn standard by industry vendors
  • New Marvell technology -- previewed at Broadband World Forum -- offers support for new ITU-T G.hn 200MHz channel bandwidth
  • Wired home networks up to 2 Gbps over any wire become the perfect solution for Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wave-2 access points

HomeGrid Forum today welcomed the 2 Gbps G.hn public technology preview offered by Marvell for the first time at Broadband World Forum in London. The new devices, details of which are due to be announced later this year, are based on the latest version of the ITU-T standard for G.hn technology, the draft standard which is due for approval in February 2016. They will enable the delivery of new line rates up to 2 Gbps over coax as specified in the draft ITU-T standard. The HomeGrid Forum is also addressing the possible application to phone and power lines, as well as plastic optical fiber.

The new 2 Gbps G.hn technology is specially optimized to provide a robust backhaul for 802.11ac Wave-2 Wi-Fi Access Points and Extenders, giving service providers and equipment vendors opportunities to offer strong quality of service guarantees to consumers. The technology offers support for the new 200MHz channel bandwidth, allowing for higher data transmission rates through the multitude of supported connections that G.hn offers.

Donna Yasay, HomeGrid Forum's President, said: "Doubling the frequency represents the ongoing revolution in G.hn that HomeGrid Forum is leading, with higher data rates providing far better experiences for home networks that deliver in-demand services such as high speed video streaming.

"New 2Gbps speeds will vastly improve the potential for video streaming and high speed connectivity brought to Wave-2 Wi-Fi access points. This is a clear indicator that G.hn is evolving into a highly attractive and difficult to ignore solution for operators worldwide."

2 Gbps G.hn will enable vendors to build a new generation of solutions for wired IPTV delivery and 802.11ac extenders that will double the throughput and increase the range of existing products.

Marvell's 2 Gbps G.hn technology demonstration will be available at Marvell's booth MR12 at Broadband World Forum, ExCel, London from 20-22 October 2015.

Further information can be found in the HomeGrid Forum blog: "G.hn 200 MHz coax networking now set to match carriers' 10G PON deployments."

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