SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - November 10, 2015) - VAVA ( today announced the launch of the VAVA Voom, an affordable mobile 4.0 Bluetooth speaker with a live concert quality sound system.

In the speaker market, large cabinet style speakers deliver powerful sound but are cumbersome and hard to carry around. On the other end of the spectrum, smaller mini Bluetooth speakers enable mobility but their sound quality is mediocre at best. The VAVA team set out to produce the best of both worlds -- incredible sound and a go-everywhere mobility. VAVA Voom's benefits and features include:

  • Powerful audio bliss. With two 5W drivers, two passive radiators, and a 10W subwoofer, VAVA Voom produces concert quality music. If a device supports aptX, one can even stream high resolution audio files.
  • Portability. The latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology eliminates the need for a cable connection and lets users roam free with their music. For NFC compatible devices, an instant connection is made by touching the NFC area. CD, DVD and MP3 players can be connected via the 3.5mm audio port.
  • Charging capabilities. VAVA Voom charges one's music playing devices such as smartphones and tablets as well. VAVA Voom can wirelessly connect to two devices simultaneously. Play music from one and have a second device ready to instantly switch over. A 15V standard charging input lets users fully charge VAVA Voom in around four hours. VAVA Voom can also be charged using a 5V micro-USB cable.
  • Hands-free calling. A phone call with VAVA Voom enables one to enjoy a real conversation. The built-in microphone and CVC 6.0 (Clear Voice Capture) technology makes the user's voice loud and clear, and easily heard on the other side.
  • Continuous play. With up to 10 hours of continuous play from its rechargeable battery, VAVA Voom can blast an entire playlist with ease.

"VAVA Voom is more than just a speaker. With its multi-purpose capabilities, it delivers on all fronts from a superior music-listening to charging to calling, and is unmatched on the speaker market for what it offers at its price point," said Allen Fung, Co-founder of VAVA. "With VAVA Voom, we are confident that we have taken the Bluetooth speaker experience to the next level."

The VAVA Voom Bluetooth speaker starts at $129 and is now available on Amazon.

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The VAVA team consulted with music lovers/enthusiasts and then set out to create VAVA Voom, a Bluetooth speaker that excels at any type of music from classic to contemporary, strings to synthesizers, Beatles to Beyonce. Powerful yet portable and most importantly, affordable. For more information on the VAVA Voom speaker and VAVA, visit our website at:

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