AUM Adds Weather Data to its Advanced Analytics Platform

Property owners and managers continue to benefit from industry-leading utility management tools.

Lombard, Illinois, UNITED STATES

LOMBARD, Ill., Nov. 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Utility Management (AUM), the premier provider of utility management and energy services for the multifamily industry, announces the launch of Weather Data to its already robust Advanced Analytics platform. AUM's Advanced Analytics includes the most comprehensive set of business intelligence tools available for property owners and managers. Clients get easy access to portfolio level KPIs as well as detailed property level utility data to quickly identify trends, outliers and opportunities for improvement.

The addition of Weather Data helps clients understand temperature patterns and their effects on property utility usage. Heating and Cooling Degree Days are used to gauge usage sensitivity to fluctuating temperatures. Gaps between temperature trends and usage trends may indicate opportunities to reduce energy consumption. AUM's historical weather data reporting provides insight into current and future year utility forecasting.

With this announcement, AUM also introduces accounting-based data into its Advanced Analytics platform. Utility data can now be customized by client to align with their fiscal calendar. Accounting teams will also benefit from seeing their utility data categorized by customized GL codes. "These enhancements help us ensure seamless integration with our clients' accounting policies and practices," said Joe Stackhouse, AUM President and COO.

"We continue to enhance our Advanced Analytics and Billing platforms to help our clients manage their utilities more effectively," said Mr. Stackhouse. "These are just a few examples of our commitment to continuous improvement through innovation."
About American Utility Management

AUM is the only utility management and energy services company with a complete, customized solution for multifamily including Resident Services, Invoice Processing, Energy Management and Advanced Analytics. AUM helps clients lower their utility costs by maximizing cost recovery, reducing energy usage and expense and providing tools to make smart business decisions.
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