TTR Announces the Release of First-Ever Free Tax Law Research System Beta

MCMINNVILLE, OR--(Marketwired - November 24, 2015) - Transaction Tax Resource, Inc. ("TTR") is pleased to announce that on Monday, November 23, 2015, every tax professional, accountant, and CPA -- in fact, everyone -- will have free access to U.S. tax laws using TTR's new public legal research system beta.

TTR has worked closely together with industry for years. For those who are unfamiliar with TTR, the company offers a subscription-based website that provides tax laws -- and more importantly, tax answers -- to over 1,800 U.S. companies. Nearly 70% of the Fortune 1,000 use and trust TTR every day for tax research and tax answers.

Shon Holyfield, CEO of TTR, had this to say about the new release:

"How does a group adequately thank their customers? How do we give back to all the tax and accounting professionals that have helped us over the years? We ask this question a lot around here.

"About a year ago, we started looking into this idea of making a legal research system available to every tax and accounting professional - for free. We know that most tax and accounting professionals only read U.S. tax laws in order to find tax answers (there may be a few that read tax laws for fun, but most read tax laws to find answers). It sounded a bit crazy to us at first, but the more we discussed it, the more it just made sense.

"Why not give free public access to the same U.S. tax laws and research system that we ourselves use to find tax answers for our clients?

"TTR is The Tax Answer Company. We provide tax answers. Tax answers are not the same as U.S. tax laws. Tax laws merely represent the 'raw materials' we collect, read, and analyze in order to find and provide valuable tax answers. Tax answers represent our value as a company.

"Accountants, CPAs and attorneys know all too well that U.S. tax laws are 'raw materials' that must be used by tax or accounting professionals in order to find tax answers.

"Tax and accounting professionals must read, understand, cross-reference, verify, and then apply tax laws to a particular set of facts in order to find a tax answer. This takes a lot of time. Using a public library to research this information takes a lot of time. Using internet search engines to find the information takes a lot of time. Why not help reduce this time?

"Our research system, with its raw materials (U.S. tax laws), is a 'workbench' that TTR professionals use to find valuable tax answers for our subscribers. The consulting firms that use TTR also rely on TTR's workbench to provide valuable tax answers to their own clients.

"Finding tax answers is hard enough. Providing free access to U.S. tax laws in one, easy to use research system gives every tax and accounting professional a single source of information that can be used to find tax answers. It is our sincere hope that this release will help all tax and accounting professionals save time in finding tax answers.

"If we can give tax and accounting professionals some of their time back, then that would be a great gift indeed!"

No one has ever done this before. Previously, the only way to get access to U.S. tax laws from a single source was to pay thousands of dollars a year to a "traditional" tax research website. TTR is the first company to ever give access to U.S. tax laws in one place for free.

TTR's massive library of tax statutes and regulations changes the entire concept of how tax law research can be done. TTR designed a completely new user interface to house this library, made it possible to quickly find relevant tax statutes and regulations, and made it easy to compare similar information across all states. And, TTR's research team keeps the information current and up-to-date daily.

To gain access to TTR's free laws library, go to

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