Paywalls Generate 10X More Revenue Than Advertising: MediaPass Reveals the Solution to Ad-Blocking Challenges

Paywall Platform for Publishers Makes it Easy to Test Without Risk

Los Angeles, Dec. 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the wake of recent concerns over ad-blocking, for the first time MediaPass™ is revealing details surrounding the 1,300 percent revenue increase many of its publishers are experiencing since implementing the company's leading paywall platform. MediaPass™ is making it easy for any size publisher to run a paywall test to prove this more lucrative alternative to advertising revenue alone.

According to recent reports, it is estimated that more than 200 million people are currently using ad-blockers, making it increasingly difficult for web publishers to grow a profit. In an effort to solve the issue, MediaPass introduces a time-tested advertising alternative, which makes it easy for publishers to monetize their articles, videos, podcasts, and any other online materials by adding a simple paywall/subscription service to some of their content or audience.

"The growth of ad-blockers has presented a massive obstacle for web publishers who ordinarily rely on profit from advertising," said Jeannette Weinstein, CEO of MediaPass. "As a result, many major content sources are turning to a paywall model, such as MediaPass', where the focus becomes purely on content--something both publishers and the public enjoy. In implementing MediaPass' paywall platform, content sites have seen minimal change in traffic and a massive spike in revenue. In fact, their RPM (revenue per thousand visitors) has jumped from $6.27 to $82.39 on average."

MediaPass requires no money up front and no commitments. Web publishers simply add the subscription and paywall service to their site using one line of Javascript code, and can customize their pricing options from the MediaPass Publisher Dashboard. They will have full control of subscription aesthetics, what segments and/or pages of the site will be exclusive to paying subscribers, and pricing margins. 

"The learning curve with MediaPass could not be smaller," said Weinstein. "You'll be up and running within the hour, and the best part: there is no rigid monthly fee. Instead, MediaPass offers clients a no-risk payment system that functions by taking a small percentage of subscription profits. This means you won't pay a cent, unless you too are being paid."

In addition to providing an easily integrated paywall platform for its clients, MediaPass also handles all credit card processing, customer care support, monthly billing, backend database management, PCI compliance, and more as part of the service. This way, clients can focus on what matters most: creating great content.

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