Ensim Automation Suite Adds 60+ New Features and Major New Customer Deployments in 2015

Key New Features Include Ticketing, Business Analytics and Reporting, Advanced Billing Configurator, Custom Price Books, Multi-level/N-tier Order and Discount Approval Workflow, Enhanced Reseller and Agent Enablement, Automation Service Bundling, and Enhanced Subscription Management

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 16, 2015) - Ensim Corporation, the leading provider of solutions for service providers, MSPs, and enterprises to automate and monetize cloud services with its award winning platform that includes marketplace, subscription management, service catalog, provisioning, usage collection, chargeback, and billing, today announced the Ensim Automation Suite added over 60 new features during 2015.

In addition, Ensim added many new large and medium sized customers around the world and expanded engagements with almost all existing customers to leverage the Ensim Automation Suite to orchestrate and automate their entire customer, user, and order life cycle using Ensim as the central hub for all cloud and on-premise SaaS, IaaS, and ITaaS solutions for delivery and management.

"Platform enhancements, new features, and new service connectors to cloud services like Office 365, Softlayer, and more, play an important role in helping our customers to continually grow, innovate and differentiate themselves in the market," said David J. Wippich, CEO of Ensim Corporation. "We expect to continue and even accelerate our momentum into 2016 with many more great new features and service connectors already in development or on the roadmap."

Key Feature Enhancements in 2015
Reporting / Business Intelligence:
Enhanced automated reporting framework based on the Jasper Report Server with many prebuilt reports available in the dashboard. Service Providers can build their own customer reports easily using native Jasper tools. Ensim's native roles and rights capabilities control user access to the appropriate reports without complex configuration.

Enhanced Subscription Management: Link multiple offers to the same subscription type, apply different pricing and billing models, configure subscriptions for month to month, quarterly, annual, or multi-annual periods, with billing models independently set (e.g. 3 years subscription, with annual billing, etc.).

Bundling: Expanding on its existing bundling functionality, Ensim now enables multiple automation services to be sold via a single offer. Ensim's advanced technology provides business logic to enable proper workflow and orchestration for automated provisioning and separate operational management of bundled services with almost any configuration and price model construct.

Variable Billing Cycles: Configure billing cycles by subscription anniversary date (fiscal month), by a service (all Google Apps orders billed on X date), or by customer (customer XYZ is billed on X date each month). Prorata policy management continues to be enabled even for non-calendar month cycles.

Multi-level, N-tier Approval Workflow: Configure order approval workflow to require multiple users within an entity to approve (or deny) and pass to the next user for order approvals. For example, the initiator may place an order, but it may need management, finance, IT, or other approvals before final submission to the service provider. Likewise, within the service provider, the sales, credit, and operations departments may all need to approve an order before it is provisioned and fulfilled.

Bulk Operations Order Management: Bulk operations such as upsize or downsize existing orders, upgrade or downgrade existing orders, change prices of items ad hoc for all orders of a certain type or selected orders, reconcile manual offers to automated offers after a service connector is available.

Discount Approval: Sales Representatives can now enter discounts and if within their assigned rights range have the order continue to provisioning or if outside their range the order is submitted for approval of a higher authority. Product management can still set maximum discounts which can override all order spot discounts.

Bulk Operations Users/Services: Assign a service to multiple users of an organization.

Custom Fields: Ensim has introduced a framework to allow different types of data to be added to Offers, Orders, and Organizations via easily configurable custom fields. This allows for inputs to be taken and stored relationally and used as required for provisioning, reporting, or other platform functions.

Enhanced Support for Multiple Currencies: In addition to service providers setting a base currency and selling in as many currencies as they set in the exchange rate table, resellers can now buy in a base currency and sell in as many currencies as they set in their exchange rate table. An offer can be created in just one currency and published to the service catalog. Ensim will display pricing in the currency set for the specific buyer that is viewing the offer in the catalog; this means fewer SKUs and offers to manage.

Offer Export / Import: Export an offer from one Ensim system and import it into another. This enables Product Managers to replicate offers from a test system to a production system quickly and easily while eliminating the risk of human data entry errors. In addition, data from third party systems can be imported into Ensim using the import tool schema.

Ticketing: Customers can easily submit questions and support request and even upload documents related to Orders, Catalog, User management, Services, or Billing. Tickets are tracked and resolution to the ticket is emailed to the customer. Service provider, reseller, and agent admins can resolve tickets and provide update. The Ensim ticketing module comes with a built in virus scanning plugin to scan file attachments or can easily integrate to third party scanners.

CPQ: Enables sales reps to configure orders, determine pricing and generate quotes with a single click. Quotes can be submitted for customer approval or approved on behalf of the customer and in one click becomes an order. Using the portal, customers can also login to review quotes, edit them or watch as their sales rep makes live edits until the order is configured as they like.

For more information on the Ensim Automation Suite and details on the 60+ new features added in 2015, please contact the Ensim sales at 1-877-MY-ENSIM or sales@ensim.com.

About Ensim 
Ensim provides an end-to-end platform for marketplace, storefront, subscription management, service catalog, ticketing, provisioning, usage collection, and billing management with self-service portals for users, organizations, and channels. Monetize and manage any offering such as business applications, infrastructure, cloud brokerage, as well as SaaS, IaaS, and ITaaS. The Ensim Automation Suite is ready-to-launch as an on-premise or cloud based solution; can integrate with any existing back office environment; and is available in both multi-tenant and dedicated versions to meet service provider and enterprise requirements.

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