Los Angeles Mediator and Attorney Mark Baer Wins International Award for "Best Collaborative Divorce Practitioner - California"

PASADENA, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 21, 2016) - Mediator and family law attorney Mark B. Baer, with offices in Pasadena, California, has been named "Best Collaborative Divorce Practitioner - California" in Acquisition International's 2015 AI Legal Awards. Presented each year to "the key figures who have, through the quality services they provide and their commitment to moving the sector forward, established themselves as thought leaders and assumed their position at the head of the legal pack" in all areas of law. In addition to this international award, Baer was recently selected "Best Family Law Mediator, 2015" for the "Official Best of Los Angeles Awards."

In acknowledging this award, Baer states, "I am honored to be considered among the elite group of attorneys who have been selected for this world-wide recognition. Whether in my work as a mediator or a family law attorney, I am committed to assisting people in resolving or otherwise managing their conflicts and reaching agreements that are in their best interest and that of their children. In my practice, I try to capture the essence of a conflict and move people to a place of empathy and compassion. By de-escalating conflict and rebuilding trust, people are better able to resolve their differences in a constructive manner. I believe that I received this award because of the overall collaborative approach I take when assisting people in resolving or otherwise managing their conflicts and disputes."

He adds, "We live in a world that is constantly marred by chronic conflict. Through my years of work as a mediator and family law attorney, I have seen the damage caused to former couples, their children and their family dynamics as a result of attorney-litigated negotiation and unnecessarily seeking court intervention. Nationally, only one-half of 1% of family law cases go to trial, which means that all the rest are eventually resolved through agreement, one way or another. Since higher conflict levels equate to greater legal fees and costs incurred, it is in the best interest of former couples to work toward de-escalating the level of conflict for that reason as well."

Baer has gained a reputation over the past few years for his child-centered and psychologically-minded approach to family law and for his prolific articles and blog posts on social media sites which he uses to educate the general public. The Huffington Post, alone, has published more than seventy of his blogs since May 2013. Most of his blogs question old practices and invite new outlooks on improving the practice of mediation, collaboration, and family law in California as well as throughout the nation and abroad. According to Baer, disputes are fact-based and conflicts are emotional. He believes that professional who assist those involved in interpersonal relationship conflicts and disputes must possess a sufficient level of emotional intelligence. Otherwise, they unnecessarily exacerbate the conflict and further damage family dynamics and interpersonal relationships. 

Mr. Baer has been recognized as a Southern California "Super Lawyer" in the Family Law category since 2012. Last year, he was crowned "Most Compassionate Family Mediator - California" by Corporate America Legal Elite 2015 and received Corporate Live Wire's award for "Best Family Law Attorney - Pasadena, 2015," as well as several Southern California awards for his work as a mediator and a family law attorney. Baer also authors a psychology and family law column in the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association's award-winning newsletter since 2008.

Mark Baer has given a number of high-profile presentations on family law, mediation and collaborative law. Most recently, he spoke on a panel that he spearheaded for the 27th Annual Southern California Mediation Association Conference and the American Bar Association Section of Family Law 2015 Fall CLE Conference. 

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