ValDivia Expands Offering to Find Diverse Capacity for Fortune 500 Customers

Minority-owned company helps companies meet their supplier diversity goals

St. Louis, Mo. , Feb. 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

ValDivia, a certified minority and women owned third party logistics provider (3PL) based in St. Louis, Mo, has expanded its offering to unlock hidden transportation capacity for its Fortune 500 customers. The company uses patented, proprietary aggregation and machine learning technology to find inefficiencies in the transportation process and solve shipping capacity problems.

ValDivia works closely with Fortune 500 companies to support and develop relationships with minority-owned businesses and help those companies meet annual supplier diversity goals.

“Our new technology tools enable our customers to fill their diversity pipeline easily though a minority-owned, tech-enabled 3PL,” said ValDivia President Christina Monaco. “Our goal is to support and empower our customers to achieve their diversity spend goals while expanding their reach and profitability. This is just one key component to secure that effort.”

In addition to locating capacity, ValDivia is leveraging Cargo Chief’s ability to automatically verify carrier drivers for safety rating authority status, and then confirm the carrier’s cargo and automotive insurance just before the truck is dispatched. Cargo Chief, a Silicon Valley tech 3PL develops customized solutions for ValDivia’s unique customer needs.

Customers will now enjoy improved visibility through the Cargo Locate® service, which provides real-time, on-map location tracking by monitoring the smart phones of drivers to provide constant status and prevent potential shipment issues.  

“Cargo Chief is committed to improving the level of service in the transportation industry and helping shippers and carriers connect using cutting edge technology,” said Cargo Chief CEO Russell Jones. “The ability to assist ValDivia in its mission to empower shippers to fill their diversity initiatives is certainly an added benefit for us.”

About ValDivia
ValDivia, is a certified minority and women owned third party logistics provider (3PL) committed to helping the Fortune 500 meet their diversity and minority spend goals. ValDivia enables shippers and carriers of any size to incorporate diversity and inclusion in their everyday working environment. Visit us at

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