ZL Technologies Introduces New eDiscovery Capabilities for Superior Efficiency

Newest Product Developments in ZL Unified Archive(R) 8.0.3 Focus on Flexible, Streamlined Features to Allow Legal Teams to Create Custom, Efficient eDiscovery Workflows

MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwired - February 11, 2016) - ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL), the leader in unified information governance and analytics for the large enterprise, has announced new eDiscovery features in the 8.0.3 version release of the company's flagship archiving and governance platform, ZL Unified Archive® (ZL UA). Driven by enterprise customer feedback, the new product developments empower in-house counsel to further leverage the ZL UA environment to fit existing workflow and preferences, increasing overall efficiency and improving case outcomes.

ZL UA offers a unique approach to eDiscovery, providing true end-to-end functionality by building downstream discovery features directly within the framework of a single-platform information governance environment, allowing data to be fluidly accessed for multiple Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) steps without data export or movement. This stands in contrast to traditional eDiscovery tools, which are typically designed to handle a few individual steps of the EDRM. ZL UA's foundation of holistic data governance ensures that enterprise-wide content can be rapidly searched and accurately culled in the earliest stages of litigation, streamlining subsequent steps while slashing time and costs.

New eDiscovery features in ZL UA 8.0.3 include:

  • Independent Legal Holds and Case Items
    ZL UA now allows preservations to be conducted and items/persons of interest to be preemptively placed on hold with one click -- before early case assessment (ECA) even begins, and without the need to process on-hold items for review. This allows legal teams to fluidly preserve data in the earliest stages of anticipated litigation, without having to determine all of the specifics of a case. Once further case parameters are determined, the proper subset of the preserved data can then be saved for subsequent review and analysis.
  • Parallel Indexing Architecture for Multiple Cases
    ZL UA's flexible underlying NoSQL processing and embedded text indexing are applied to existing case items, enabling document content to be extracted only once regardless of how many cases that document is part of. With multiple extractions unnecessary, the enterprise may conduct dozens or more cases at once without duplicative processing of content for advanced analysis.
  • Batch Processing for Ongoing Custodian Preservation
    ZL UA allows legal hold to be applied at a custodian-based level, preserving not only existing documents, but also any new documents created after the legal hold has been applied. New batch processing of ongoing preservation is faster and more seamless, eliminating any potential bottlenecks during ingestion of newly-created content.

ZL UA's new eDiscovery features enable rapid, accurate, and responsive preservation and ECA, establishing a discovery environment in which in-house legal professionals may leverage a rich feature set to best fit existing practices and desired workflows. Although ZL UA is ideal for full end-to-end eDiscovery, it also provides immense flexibility, allowing downstream export of content for processing in specialty tools if desired.

"eDiscovery functionality should be a feature of information governance, not a stand-alone product," stated Kon Leong, CEO of ZL Technologies. "It should enhance existing legal workflows rather than forcing them to be re-invented. Our newest enhancements offer even more powerful and granular options for enterprise legal teams, allowing them to rapidly conduct discovery in the manner that makes the most sense for their particular organization and circumstances."

About ZL Technologies, Inc.

ZL Technologies makes Unified Archive® software  (ZL UA) to enable large enterprises to manage all unstructured content such as email, files, and instant messages to satisfy corporate needs for eDiscovery, records management, regulatory compliance, information governance, and storage management. By providing singular and comprehensive data management architecture, it also enables business content to be leveraged proactively for analytics and competitive advantage, via ZL Enterprise Analytics™ (ZL EA). ZL UA's unique differentiator is its unified architecture, which consolidates all applications and billions of documents under one platform, thus eliminating today's fractured data silos which significantly raise operating costs, increase legal risk, and derail effective Big Data analytics initiatives. Demonstrating a proven track record with Global 500 customers and strategic partnerships with major players such as Oracle, Unisys, PwC, and SunGard, ZL has emerged as the technology leader in harnessing unstructured "Big Data" for strategic advantage. For more information, please visit www.zlti.com.

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