Mediator and Family Law Attorney Mark Baer Co-Authors Best Seller: "Putting Kids First in Divorce"

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 18, 2016) - Pasadena Mediator and Family Law Attorney Mark Baer today announced that the book he recently co-authored, "Putting Kids First in Divorce: How to Reduce Conflict, Preserve Relationships and Protect Children During and After Divorce" is now a best seller on In this child-centered guide for parents who are considering divorce or separation, Attorney and Mediator Baer contributes the opening chapters: "Choosing Cooperation Over Combat" and "Stay Out of Court! Choose Mediation or Collaborative Divorce Over Litigation." By offering unique insight into the legal processes of mediation and collaborative divorce, he empowers parents to make better decisions as it relates to the health and welfare of their children.

Putting Kids First in Divorce is comprised of ten, value-packed chapters featuring content and interviews with high-integrity divorce professionals unified by a common theme: putting the needs of children first through cooperative processes. "Going through a divorce is never easy," suggests the book's narrative. "Tension can be high, and too often, the adversarial family court system only escalates the conflict. Sadly, children can become collateral damage."

"Based on everything I know, when parents are combative in a divorce," states Mediator Mark Baer, "it permanently impacts the dynamics of the family that still exists after the marriage ends in a negative way, and this tends to harm children."

In the first chapter of the book, "Choose Cooperation Over Combat," Family Law Attorney/Mediator Baer walks parents through concepts frequently used in the more constructive processes of mediation and collaborative law. He describes how to start with the end goal in mind to help to reduce conflict and maintain focus of the bigger picture, how to view divorce from a child's perspective, identifies what harms children and how to protect them from harm, and explains how ongoing conflict can cause more harm to children than the divorce itself.

Likewise in Chapter Two, "Stay Out of Court! Choose Mediation or Collaborative Divorce Over Litigation," Mediator Baer arms parents with a solid understanding of why cooperative methods to divorce such as mediation or collaborative law are typically superior to litigation; he explains that Family Court is inherently adversarial and how attorneys can either be part of the solution or part of the problem.

"Putting Kids First in Divorce" is author Mark Baer's second book writing collaboration. He previously authored a chapter in "Strategies for Family Law in California, 2013 edition," an authoritative, insider's perspective on navigating the nuances of California family law.

Mark Baer is recognized as a thought leader in legal circles for his innovative, widely -- published blogs that question old practices and invite new outlooks on improving the practice of mediation, collaboration, and family law and is best known for his child-centered and psychologically-minded approach to family law. As a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, he has had more than 70 blogs published since May 2013.

As a speaker, he has given a number of high-profile presentations on family law, mediation and collaborative law. Most recently, he spoke on a panel that he spearheaded for the 27th Annual Southern California Mediation Association Conference and the American Bar Association Section of Family Law 2015 Fall CLE Conference. 

A five-time Southern California "Super Lawyer," Attorney Baer was crowned "Most Compassionate Family Mediator - California" by Corporate America Legal Elite 2015 in addition to being named "Best Collaborative Divorce Practitioner - California" in Acquisition International's 2015 AI Legal Awards. Since 2008, he has authored a psychology and family law column in the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association's award-winning newsletter.

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