SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 29, 2016) - RSA Conference -- Cloudwick, the leading provider of bimodal digital business services and solutions, announced today its new Cloudwick One® Open Source Adaptive Security (OSAS) managed solution built using Open Network Insight (ONI), powered by Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub (EDH).

"We are pleased to be launching the first Big Data OSAS managed solution for the digital enterprise," said Mani Chhabra, founder and CEO of Cloudwick. "Cloudwick One OSAS enables the enterprise to analyze network and cloud traffic and events at big data scale and speed resulting in detection of unknown and insider threats in hours rather than weeks."

Cloudwick One® OSAS leverages ONI, an open source solution announced by Intel and optimized for Cloudera EDH. Cloudwick One OSAS delivers advanced visibility into operational and security threats by using modern analytics performing at cloud scale. For organizations with dynamic data centers and networks, ONI provides actionable insights into suspicious traffic by analyzing billions of events in order to detect unknown and insider threats.

Key Benefits

1. Suspicious Connects: Use machine learning to filter out normal traffic and look for patterns in unusual network connections. Patterns can be triaged and high-risk traffic or connections can be reported to incident response, medium passed through to the machine learning, and low risk removed.

2. Suspicious DNS: Machine learning filters out normal DNS traffic to show patterns in an underlying graph, such as unusual rank order, network or geographical context as it relates to the domain and external threat intelligence.

3. Storage Prediction: Future storage needs can be predicted based on data accumulation over a period of time, and the more data that exists, the more accurate the prediction.

4. Incident Response: Take a specific IP address (i.e., one believed to be a potential risk) and gather the details and characteristics of its associated communications to build a timeline of the conversations that originated with it.

5. Storyboard: Communicate threat intelligence across the organization by presenting results in a storyboard, showing details of the events including: what (impact), how (incident progression), where (geolocation), and when (timeline). Communicate results via interactive visualization as well as text, with a high-level summary for an executive audience, as well as details to address deeper questions.

Most existing non-Big Data OSAS solutions are focused on situational awareness through signature matching and rules and can only analyze millions of daily events. Cloudwick One® OSAS can analyze billions of events in order to detect unknown events and insider attacks and diagnose dark areas. Existing tools produce too many false positives due to poor rule writing, analyzing data without context and long baseline training. Cloudwick One® OSAS delivers fewer false positive alerts by triangulating the data with context to assure alerts are legitimate.

Alan Ross, chief cloud security architect at Intel and ONI core team member, said, "While current threat intelligence tools help, identifying unknown threats and attacks remain a challenge. Open Network Insight accelerates the ability for enterprises and service providers to expose suspicious connections and previously unseen attacks using flow and packet analysis technologies. We are pleased to name Cloudwick as an ONI Committer and to receive Cloudwick's expert help getting ONI to organizations that need this advanced level of threat protection."

"We are thrilled to see Cloudwick's adoption of Open Network Insight and Cloudera's enterprise data hub, powered by Apache Hadoop, in order to accelerate the development of their cybersecurity managed solution," said Sam Heywood, director of product management, Cloudera. "We are excited to partner with Cloudwick as they continue to extend the capabilities of their solution as the open source community continues to evolve ONI and Apache Hadoop."

In addition to meeting Cloudwick in Cloudera's booth at RSA, see Cloudwick at Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit and Strata and Hadoop World.

About Cloudwick
Cloudwick is the leading provider of bimodal digital business services and solutions to the Global 1000. Its offering, Cloudwick One®, includes solutions such as business intelligence modernization, data science, big data pilot-to-production, IoT and mobile application development, cloud, data pipeline and more, enabling data-driven enterprises like 3M, Bank of America, Comcast, Home Depot, Intuit, JP Morgan, NetApp, Target, Visa, and Walmart to gain competitive advantage from open source, big data, cloud and advanced analytics.

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