Omni-ID Raises the Bar With Launch of Next Generation On-Metal RFID Label Products

More Product Options, Printer Compatibility and Performance Reliability Than Currently Available Competitive Products

ROCHESTER, NY--(Marketwired - March 17, 2016) -  Omni-ID, the leading global supplier of high-performance, industrial IoT solutions today announced the addition of five new products to its best-selling family of on-metal RFID labels. The IQ 100, the smallest global frequency, printable, on-metal label to hit the market, the IQ 150, IQ 300, the global frequency IQ 500 and an enhanced IQ 600 have been added to the lineup. Omni-ID boasts the broadest selection of printable on-metal RFID labels in the market today.

  • Smaller profile labels with 50% more read range than comparable sized competitive products
  • List price at 20-25% less than comparable competitive products
  • Designed and tested to work with market leading thermal RFID printers
  • Product options offer balanced, consistent performance on and off metal

"Omni-ID starts with the customer and designs innovative products that exceed customer expectations," said Craig Cotton, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Impinj. "We're very pleased that Omni-ID is offering these leading products with our Monza R6 or Monza 4QT tag chips -- ensuring customers obtain optimal privacy, performance, and memory benefits that address their specific application."

"As the first company to launch a printable on-metal RFID label, along with so many other first to market products -- we're always impressed by the level of innovation from Omni-ID," said Joseph Owusu, Partner and Director of Mieloo & Alexander. "Their responsiveness to the market is unmatched, and the specifications for these products are truly impressive -- there are no other printable on-metal labels in the market that provide these options and printer compatibility today." 

The IQ products have been designed and tested to provide market leading compatibility with all of the leading thermal RFID printers; along with the option for additional memory, encoding, color printing and custom form factors. The innovative construction of these labels ensures the most reliable performance even when applied to curved surfaces in industrial applications, such as pipes and cylinders.

"Customers have asked for better product options along with a wider range of printer compatibility, and all at a lower cost than what's available in the market today for on-metal RFID labels -- and that's what we've designed," stated Omni-ID's Chief Operating Officer Tony Kington. "We've utilized the latest technologies along with leveraging our own manufacturing know-how to develop the most innovative on-metal labels available today with even more options for our customers -- without any sacrifices in quality, performance or printer compatibility. Customers can expect consistent, repeatable performance to fit their specific application, all at the best price point in the market -- there are no other products that even come close." 

Omni-ID's lineup of industrial RFID label products provides the greatest cost to performance ratio of any similar solution for tracking IT assets, equipment, retail and hospital or laboratory supplies. The low profile, ease of deployment and maximum flexibility enables these tags to be used for a multitude of applications and integration into manufacturing and supply chain processes. 

"With customers across a wide range of industries it is imperative that we provide a versatile and reliable RFID solution to give our customers visibility into their supply chain," said Geir Vevle, Chief Technology Officer at HRAFN, a leading RFID solution provider. He continued, "We have found that the Omni-ID on-metal labels not only provide the greatest flexibility, but they also provide the most reliable and consistent performance in the industry. The low profile and easy application of these labels enables us to provide a low cost, high volume, hassle-free RFID deployment." 

The IQ 100, IQ 150 and IQ 600 are available for ordering today, the IQ 300 and IQ 500 will be available in the coming weeks, the company is taking sample requests today. Omni-ID will host a webinar on Wednesday, March 23rd to discuss specifications, options and use cases for these tags. Please visit for more information and product specifications.

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