100th Robot-Guided Spinal Fusion Surgery Is Performed by Dr. Christopher R. Good of the Virginia Spine Institute

Dr. Christopher R. Good, Spinal Surgeon at the Virginia Spine Institute, Achieves Monumental Milestone in Spinal Health Care to Provide Back Pain Sufferers with Safer Surgical Technique

RESTON, VA--(Marketwired - March 17, 2016) - Dr. Christopher R. Good, Spinal Surgeon at the Virginia Spine Institute, performed his 100th robot-guided spinal fusion surgery at Reston Hospital Center. Dr. Good utilizes the Renaissance Robotic Guidance System™, manufactured by Mazor Robotics Ltd., to create blueprints for surgery. The robotic system compliments surgical skills, enabling surgeons to perform procedures with increased precision. Through his leadership and vast experience, Dr. Good is reshaping the future of spine surgery by improving patient safety and reducing recovery time.

"I am honored to have partnered with Mazor Robotics to reach this exciting milestone. Our mission is to improve our patient's lives. When surgery is necessary to achieve that goal, having the highest level of experience and expertise is of utmost importance," said Dr. Christopher R. Good. 

Dr. Good and the team of experts at the Virginia Spine Institute were also the first in the Mid-Atlantic region to perform robot-guided spine surgery and Dr. Good was the first surgeon in the world to perform Open Robotic Sacroiliac joint fusion. They continue to pioneer alternate methods of utilizing technology to more efficiently facilitate complex spinal procedures.

"My team and I have had the opportunity to use robotic surgery to help more patients than anyone else in our region and I am proud to be able to offer this exciting new technology for a variety of spinal surgeries including minimally invasive surgery, revision surgery, Sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion and scoliosis correction surgery. We are now teaching other spine surgeons from all around the world about the benefits of robot surgery! 

"Our research is showing that robotic techniques are helping us to perform many surgeries through smaller incisions with less bleeding and a quicker recovery and to make many spine surgeries safer for the patients having them!" comments Dr. Christopher R. Good.

About the Virginia Spine Institute: The Virginia Spine Institute is an award-winning medical practice in the Washington, DC metro area solely dedicated to spinal health care. For nearly 25 years we have improved the lives of over 60,000 people suffering from back or neck pain conditions. We provide convenience of specialty care as we have assembled the top experts from multiple specialties of spinal health care under one roof. Custom treatment options include non operative care, pain management, physical therapy, and when necessary surgical intervention, including minimally invasive procedures.

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Dr. Christopher Good and Dr. Thomas Schuler perform first robot-guided spine surgery in Mid-Atlantic (July 2012). Dr. Christopher R. Good teams up with Mazor Robotics Ltd. to perform 100th robot-guided spine surgery.