FinalCode Persistent File Security Platform Recognized in ‘On the Radar’ Report from Leading Industry Research Firm Ovum

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FinalCode, Inc., the innovator in persistent file security that protects sensitive files wherever they go, today announced that the company has been recognized in an Ovum Research “On the Radar” report, for providing a scalable way to secure files within and beyond corporate networks. The FinalCode platform extends enterprise controls that prevent file data leakage to content management systems, through distributed cloud environments, and across collaboration channels.

Ovum’s “On the Radar” reports recognize companies and products that provide unique and innovative services in information technology. The analysis shows that keeping data and files safe in their many different forms remains a major challenge for all organizations. Alongside the task of maintaining appropriate enterprise network resource access, organizations need file protection products that offer appropriate levels of control for the internal users and the variety of external users requiring access to sensitive and/or regulated information.

Although protecting files shared internally is a known issue, it is even more difficult to manage the protection of files shared with others outside the enterprise.  Ovum’s analysts suggest that FinalCode's persistent security platform should be measured by its capacity to deal with all these issues without affecting user productivity and from its overall ability to allow organizations to quickly advance their file and data protection initiatives.

“Given the frequent exposure of sensitive files being shared inside and outside an organization, enterprises need a pragmatic eDRM approach,” stated Scott Gordon, chief operating officer at FinalCode. “We are extremely gratified by Ovum’s validation of FinalCode’s differentiation and value, and the acknowledgement that we are one to watch in the enterprise digital rights management space.”

Highlights of the report, “On the Radar: FinalCode addresses persistent file security challenges for the enterprise” include:

  • FinalCode provides file encryption and usage control functionality by separating file security management from an organization's existing file storage, transport, and collaboration mechanisms
  • For files that need to be shared, FinalCode offers Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption and granular file usage policies enforced at the operating system (OS) and application layer of the recipient's device through a lightweight, transparent client
  • Management is centralized, and control is delivered using predefined or user-directed file permissions according to corporate/user requirements and the data involved
  • The product's foundation is based on usability and flexibility, while adhering to the security management best practices that are geared to satisfy a variety of use cases
  • In the latest release (V5.0), the extended FinalCode offering includes integration with systems such as content management from Box and data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Success for this product should be gauged by the levels of protection provided, time-to-value considerations, and its acceptance by the user community

“FinalCode offers a platform that is easy to use, flexible to implement and manage, and has the ability to support both internal and external users. The tool has a low total cost of ownership (TCO), which when set alongside its rapid deployment and interoperability makes it accessible and relevant to the broader marketplace,” said Andrew Kellett, principal analyst, Infrastructure Solutions, Security at Ovum.

The complete Ovum “On the Radar” report, which examines FinalCode and file-based electronic digital rights management (eDRM) is available at

About FinalCode, Inc.
FinalCode delivers a file security platform that allows any business to persistently protect sensitive files wherever they go inside and outside of the organization. Available as a SaaS or virtual appliance, FinalCode makes securing file collaboration easy and cost-effective and in a way that works with popular applications, platforms and devices while preserving user experience and workflow. The solution applies strong encryption and granular usage control on demand or by corporate policy with the ability to remotely delete files. The company’s patented CryptoEase™ technology streamlines onboarding, encryption and administration, making deployment rapid and scalable. Headquartered in San Jose, California, FinalCode offers its solutions through its global network of authorized partners. Learn more at

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