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One Hundred Percent of Surveyed Companies Use Electronic Data Capture Technology as Part of Their Risk-Based Monitoring Strategy

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwired - March 24, 2016) -  Without a regular and frequent on-site presence, clinical teams must rely on technology to collect and monitor incoming site data. One hundred percent of surveyed companies use electronic data capture (EDC) technology as part of their centralized risk-based management (RBM) strategy, according to primary intelligence provider Cutting Edge Information.

EDC systems replace traditional paper-based data collection, which can be time-consuming for both sites and CRAs. This replacement process not only speeds up the process but also enforces higher levels of accuracy.

Surveyed life science companies use this beneficial system because it erases the time needed for paper-based data collection. Clinical research associates (CRAs) use easily accessible technology within the EDC tool to monitor trial results with increases accuracy; it does not require advanced programming academia or experience.

"This system allows the monitor to interact with the incoming data by delving in and responding quickly to any present anomalies," said Sarah Ray, senior research analyst at Cutting Edge Information. "All surveyed companies, pharmaceutical and medical device firms as well as contract research organizations, have an electronic data capture system in place."

According to Risk-Based Monitoring: Inject Remote Risk Assessment to Optimize Clinical Trial Outcomes, by Cutting Edge Information, there are multiple RBM trial management tools available to gather and assess incoming information. Several of these are closely ranked with EDC in popularity, but EDC is ranked first, with 100 percent use, among surveyed companies and has a 36 percent lead over other clinical RBM tools.

The study, found at, includes:

  • A look at the best RBM practices amid industrywide trends in a changing clinical monitoring landscape.
  • Key steps to help implement RBM to help executives reduce overall costs.
  • RBM framework and tactics to allow clinical teams to remotely track sites' progress during trials.
  • Company profiles that participate in Risk-Based Monitoring.

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