Contiki Vacations Named Official Travel Partner for Red Bull Can You Make It? Adventure Challenge

Contiki has partnered with Red Bull as the official travel partner for the 2016 Red Bull Can You Make It? to make 2016 the most epic to date.

Anaheim, California, UNITED STATES

Anaheim, California, April 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The world’s leading youth travel experience provider Contiki Vacations has partnered with Red Bull on the 2016 iteration of its legendary Red Bull Can You Make It? journey across Europe. The partnership will see travel-focused Contiki integrations throughout the adventure and its challenges, including the participation of a Contiki Wildcard Team, and a Contiki Trip Manager and travel expert to provide expert commentary as the teams make their way across Europe.

Red Bull Can You Make It? is a live adventure travel event, pitting 165 teams of university students from around the globe against each other on an epic 1000-kilometer journey across Europe in just 7 days. It’s a game of wits, smarts, creativity and determination as the teams make their way by any means possible to the finish line, using only cans of Red Bull as currency to get them there.

As the official travel partner, Contiki will be represented by an exclusive Contiki Wildcard Team made up of three total strangers from different corners of the globe. A team like no other, these three strangers will meet for the first time as the challenge begins and then embark on the journey of a lifetime together, traversing Europe using just their hustle and cans of Red Bull to make it from place to place.

“Our Wildcard team totally embody the Contiki experience and will push the limits to discover what it really means to be young, spirited and live life with no regrets,” says Alexis Sitaropoulos, Contiki’s VP of Marketing.

Competing teams will be sent to one of five starting points in Europe: Barcelona, Florence, Berlin, Edinburgh and Prague. Each team must stop at a minimum of six checkpoints before reaching the finish line in Paris, which are spread across 40 European destinations such as Copenhagen, London, Budapest, Geneva, Bordeaux, Vienna, Krakow, Venice and Madrid.

Further amplifying the Contiki integration, several of the checkpoints and Adventure List challenges, which give teams the opportunity to score points and better their chance of winning, are Contiki-themed, and embody the adventurous, #NOREGRETS attitude Contiki is known for.

Finally, each member of the winning team will be awarded an epic summer adventure in Europe courtesy of Contiki. All three members of the overall winning team will be invited to be Contiki Travel Ambassadors this summer, having the time of their lives traveling across Europe and experiencing Contiki’s amazing European adventures.

A daily series on Red Bull TV will bring viewers the highlights of the week-long adventure, and Contiki will be publishing exclusive content across their online properties throughout the event, April 12 - 19.

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