Language-Learning Platform Lingohop Delivers Only Solution Utilizing Authentic Dialogue Designed for Your Goals so You Can Converse From Day 1

App Applies Sophisticated 'Language for a Specific Purpose' Research to Customize a Program of 4-Minute Lessons for International Travelers

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwired - Apr 19, 2016) - Language-learning tools may have evolved from books to apps, but the science and theory behind them are mostly stuck in the mid-20th century. Until now. Launching today, the language-learning platform Lingohop brings the most advanced linguistic theories into practice with its new app for international travelers of all ages and backgrounds. By combining contextual learning with relevant dialogue and personalization for your specific goals -- business travel, study abroad, everyday tourist travel -- Lingohop empowers you to begin conversing in your new language from day one.

Utilizing breakthrough linguistic research -- language for a specific purpose and discourse structure -- the new Lingohop app places conversation at the heart of the platform, unlike other language programs which employ tedious translation and repetition methods that have been proven inefficient. Lingohop allows users to receive a completely personalized experience constructed around the relevant situations they will experience abroad, from office conversations to booking train tickets to ordering food to finding lodging.

"Our mission is to provide a powerful solution that empowers international travelers and language lovers alike to learn a foreign language in a fun, immersive environment -- regardless of time or place. Almost all traditional study options are unreasonably regimented and leave the users unable to actually speak the language," said co-founder and CEO Michael Ashley about the origins of the startup. "Our idea is to combine the latest linguistic research with authentic, everyday dialogue, so what users learn can quickly be applied outside of Lingohop. Each lesson is framed for the user's specific needs and goals. We have completely ditched the one-size-fits-all mentality of other language-learning platforms."

The Lingohop solution groups each of its 4-5 minute lessons around relevant categories based on specific situations such as restaurants (ordering food, paying the bill), getting around (asking for directions, using the metro), navigating the airport and visiting tourist attractions. By the end of the first lesson, a user can confidently begin conversing in the target language.

"By placing the user's specific needs within an immersive, conversational platform, Lingohop sets itself apart from the competitors whose approach was first introduced 70 years ago. We've designed a solution that recognizes the cognitive processes and abilities behind language learning to allow users to be prepared for any situation abroad. The needs of a traveling businessperson are completely different from those of a group of students. We've designed Lingohop to not only recognize those differences, but to make them the foundation of your experience," said co-founder and Chief Research Officer Ramón Padilla-Reyes.

Lingohop courses will be optimized for the onthego user. Initial offerings include Spanish, French, and English (for Spanish speakers). Pre-order through the Kickstarter campaign for $25 with a goal of $25,000 through May 29, 2016. Availability is November or earlier.



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