New Alliances Push Inspire's Growth to 100 Partners, 750,000 Patients and Caregivers

Cancer Immunotherapy, Rare Disease Groups Added to Community

ARLINGTON, VA--(Marketwired - May 11, 2016) -  Inspire, the leading social network for health, has added new nonprofit patient advocacy organizations -- including one focused on cancer immunotherapy -- as partners. These organizations join Inspire's existing partners, which together strengthens Inspire's online community to support people affected by cancer, chronic conditions, and rare diseases.

In an effort to support growing interest among cancer patients and caregivers in immunotherapy, Inspire recently partnered with the nonprofit organization Cancer Research Institute (CRI) to launch the Cancer Immunotherapy Community. With leading support communities for people affected by lung cancer, ovarian cancer and advanced breast cancer, Inspire sought a partner focused on cancer immunotherapy, a cutting-edge form of treatment designed to boost the body's natural defenses to fight cancer.

"From the beginning, we sought partnerships with leading nonprofit patient advocacy organizations, and these partnerships have been core to our mission," said Inspire co-founder and CEO Brian Loew. "Patients and caregivers know that the dedication and expertise of these organizations can improve their lives. We welcome our new partners, and are committed to their success."

Inspire also partnered with the nonprofit organization Men's Health Network to launch the Testicular Cancer Support Community and Men's Health Support Community. Of Inspire's 750,000 members, more than 275,000 belong to at least one of the company's cancer community support groups.

This week, Inspire teamed up with the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association to launch the Fibromyalgia Support Community and Chronic Pain Support Community.

In recent months Inspire continued to expand its online community by forging exclusive partnerships with the following nonprofit advocacy organizations:

"Our community platform is not like any other online community website or platform. We designed and built it with patients in mind, and it's truly patient-centric," said Judy Chandler, MPH, Inspire's director of partnerships. "What's just as exciting and encouraging for us is that we now have over 100 nonprofit patient advocacy organizations that chose to become exclusive partners of Inspire. Through these relationships, partners have leveraged Inspire's community as the dedicated online support community for their organizations."

For Catherine Seo, ‎co-director at The Lipedema Project, partnering with Inspire brings a new resource to her organization's members, who struggle with a fat disorder that little known and generally misdiagnosed as obesity. "Finding ways to connect over social networks in order to gain and offer mutual support has become the a cornerstone for the thousands of women learning that the fat and disfigurement that seems out of their control just isn't their fault," Seo said. "Emotionally and clinically, these networks have helped women affected by this stigmatizing and isolating disorder to find help and solutions and connection."

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Inspire ( is the leading social network for health, with health condition specific online support groups for over 750,000 patients and caregivers. It partners with national patient advocacy organizations such as the American Lung Association, National Psoriasis Foundation, Arthritis Foundation and the Alzheimer's Foundation of America. Inspire helps industry connect with members for the purpose of clinical research, market research, and promotion. 

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