Lucid VR Launches Lucid Studios to Create Immersive 3D VR Commercial and Documentary Videos Using Unique First Person, 180-Degree Field of View

New VR Production Studio From Maker of LucidCam Allows for "Found Footage" -- First-Person Storytelling, Similar to How Your Eyes See the World

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwired - May 31, 2016) - Computex, Innovex Startup area -- booth G06491 - Lucid VR, the developer of the LucidCam 3D virtual reality pocket-sized camera, today announced the launch of Lucid Studios. Lucid Studios is a production house specializing in the creation of professional 180- and 360-degree, 3D VR videos for commercial, educational, corporate, and documentary purposes. Lucid Studios offers a unique 180-degree perspective that gives viewers the very real impression that they are immersed in the experience but with a first person narrative. Sephora, UC Berkeley Recreational Sports and other organizations are already using Lucid Studios for VR video production.

"Our 3D, 180-degree approach adds true depth and peripheral vision to storytelling in Virtual Reality and, thus, creates an incredibly real experience," said Han Jin, CEO, Lucid VR. "This is called 'found footage' in traditional filmmaking where viewers feel like what is filmed through the viewfinder is what they would be seeing with their own two eyes. Now you have become the actor instead of the observer in the movie."

The found footage style is being used in film regularly, such as in Project Almanac last year and the current film Hardcore Henry, where in 2D it is a way for the film maker to tell the story from the point of view of one protagonist.

The company has developed immersive, 3D, 180- and 360-degree VR content for top brands. Other Lucid Studio projects include 180-degree real estate and hospitality VR tours, company profile and training videos as well as experiential videos and small documentaries.

"With this 180-degree first person narrative approach there are so many different types of videos we can create and produce," said Stacy McKenzie, head of Lucid Studios. "When you have the immersive experience of VR, there is no limit to what you can produce where imagination meets reality."

With Lucid VR's proprietary software, the 3D video content moves quickly through the Lucid Studio production process and can be easily integrated for playback on websites and apps.

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