SignalFx Introduces Powerful Alerting Capabilities to Go From Data to Detection in Seconds

Reduces Operational Complexity of Modern Infrastructure for Customers Including HubSpot, Stage 3 Systems and Zenefits

San Mateo, California, UNITED STATES

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 1, 2016) - SignalFx (, creator of the monitoring solution for modern infrastructure, today introduced significant new updates built on its SignalFlow™ real-time streaming analytics platform designed to make it easy for engineering and operations teams to create high-quality, real-time alerts. These new capabilities address the explosion of operational complexity from modern infrastructure and applications, empowering teams at companies including HubSpot, Stage 3 Systems and Zenefits to take an analytics-based approach to monitoring that dramatically reduces the time to find, alert and act on anomalies.

Teams building and operating software on modern infrastructure like Amazon Web Services, Docker, Elasticsearch and Kafka, face a unique class of problems and challenges that homegrown and traditional monitoring tools cannot address. Existing monitoring solutions take the streaming mass of data from modern infrastructure platforms and technologies, turning it into alert storms that are neither relevant nor actionable. As companies look to create a competitive advantage in every sector through software like mobile apps and web services, the only way to understand what's happening is to use accessible and real-time analytics to find the needles in the haystack of all the data being generated.

"We rely on SignalFx to provide us with the monitoring infrastructure to run highly available production services to a global industrial customer base," said David Rivas, CEO of Stage 3 Systems. "SignalFx has found the sweet spot between turnkey access to industry best practices in monitoring and alerting that reduce the noise and burden on operations -- and a system we can fine tune to our specific unique needs."

From data to detection in seconds, for fewer but more meaningful alerts
SignalFx's new visualization and alerting capabilities -- Host Navigator, Outlier Detection, and Built-in Detectors -- enable customers to not only discover, but also create, signals that are impossible to see in raw data. 

  • Host Navigator provides a snapshot of infrastructure health. Host Navigator takes the unprecedented complexity of modern infrastructure and provides immediate clarity with visualizations familiar to every operator. Users can easily drill down by dimensions such as app, region, service, and cluster and immediately see the correct hosts, VMs, containers, processes, metrics, outliers and alerts for that grouping. This enables quick isolation of hot spots or outliers at any level of the stack.
  • Outlier Detection proactively identifies abnormal performance. Outlier Detection enhances users' existing ability to build their own detectors using SignalFlow with pre-packaged analytics that identify and alert on outliers. These detectors are completely configurable and can be based on any metric to surface outliers from a population or historically over time. Outlier detection is built into host navigator and provided as detector templates, with a growing list of algorithms.
  • Built-in Detectors make it easy to set up better alerts. Unlike existing products that either prescribe what to alert on or provide no guidance at all, SignalFx provides users with a starting point for good alert design -- embedding the complex statistical methods and adaptive thresholds needed to reduce alert noise. Built-in detectors provide pre-packaged and customizable alert configurations as templates for all the platforms and technologies supported by SignalFx. Relevant built-in and user-created detectors are surfaced in any view for easy tuning, activation and subscription.

"Every organization building applications using modern open source or cloud technologies can use SignalFx to operationalize their new environments," said Karthik Rau, CEO and cofounder of SignalFx. "Our technology provides fast-moving organizations with the safety net they desire to move quickly but catch problems proactively using our real-time analytics and high-quality alerting."

About SignalFx
SignalFx provides the most advanced monitoring solution for cloud apps and modern infrastructure. The SignalFx solution aggregates metrics across distributed services with powerful streaming analytics to alert on service-wide issues and trends in real-time, versus host-specific errors well after the fact, addressing critical application and infrastructure management challenges unanswered by traditional monitoring, APM and logging vendors. This capability is critical for engineering and operations teams responsible for apps that go beyond a single instance and are built on modern infrastructures like AWS or Google Cloud Platform, and platforms such as Docker or Elasticsearch.

SignalFx provides pre-built integrations with out-of-box charts, dashboards, analytics and alerting for AWS services and popular open-source technologies, in addition to metrics from other monitoring products. Organizations of all sizes from small startups like Stormpath and Qubole, to mid-sized companies like Viki and Stage 3 Systems, to large scale organizations like HubSpot and Zenefits trust SignalFx to ensure applications are reliably performing.

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