THYMOX™ FOOTBATH® launched in China

Another step ahead for the expanding Chinese dairy industry

BEIJING, July 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- THYMOX™, the breakthrough, botanically based disinfectant, has begun sales and distribution in China, as announced at a press conference in Beijing today. THYMOX FOOTBATH® will be distributed by Uniterumen, a leading Chinese animal health company. 

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“The entry of THYMOX into the Chinese market is another major step in the global commercialization of our revolutionary technology, and a major leap ahead for the rapidly emerging Chinese dairy industry. For the first time, farmers in China will have a product to fight digital dermatitis (DD), one of the most costly infectious diseases that can affect 12 million dairy cows in China, using the most effective, safe and ecologically sound product available,” said Serge Auray, President and Founder of THYMOX during the press conference.

THYMOX is the only scientifically proven, effective hoof treatment for DD that is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and safe for both farm workers and cows. Unlike caustic copper sulfate or toxic formaldehyde products traditionally used by farmers, THYMOX is the “green” alternative that is non-corrosive and biodegradable. Its active ingredient, thymol, is found in the plant thyme, and THYMOX was awarded the lowest toxicity rating possible on the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scale. THYMOX was also recently approved as the first drug to treat and control DD in Canada. Commercial use of THYMOX in agriculture and animal health has already saved the environment from poisoning by heavy metals that would otherwise have been washed into the soil.

“We are very proud that we are the official distributors of THYMOX in China,” said Dr. Li Hui, President of Uniterumen.  “The Chinese dairy industry is rapidly expanding, and we are certain that this innovative technology will provide significant improvement for Chinese dairy productivity. We are also pleased that THYMOX is non-toxic and safe for workers, and very friendly to the environment.”

About Laboratoire M2

Laboratoire M2, based in Sherbrooke, Canada, has a well-respected reputation for product innovation and expertise in environmentally sustainable, green disinfection and bio-security technology under the trademark THYMOX™. The company currently markets a range of leading biodegradable, disinfecting and anti-microbial products based on their proprietary technology platform, which are environmentally certified by UL (Ecologo2794). Its line of animal health products includes THYMOX HOOF® and THYMOX FOOTBATH® which are used to protect farm animals, particularly dairy cows, from the hoof disease, digital dermatitis. There are an estimated 270 million dairy cows worldwide that are susceptible to digital dermatitis, which produce about $240 billion USD of milk annually. The expanding availability of THYMOX FOOTBATH® throughout the global dairy industry will offer an enormous savings potential to farmers with the promise of improved hoof health and, thus, productivity for their cows, not to mention the removal of millions of tons of toxic chemicals from their workplace and the environment.  THYMOX also distributes products and ingredients under private label agreements in institutional, retail, and crop protection markets.

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