Racemi Announces “Penny Migrations” to Amazon Web Services

DynaCenter migration software now available in AWS Marketplace for a penny per server migration

Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

SANTA CLARA, Calif., AWS Summit, July 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Racemi announces penny migrations to Amazon Web Services (AWS) by providing customers with access to the company’s DynaCenter enterprise migration software at one cent per migration (usual AWS usage fees apply). Customers can move as many workloads as they would like or as few as one.


Racemi’s DynaCenter offering in the AWS Marketplace streamlines the installation and configuration workflow, enabling users to migrate workloads in less than 10 minutes. Additionally, DynaCenter's new Rapid Migration Engine and streamlined user experience allow customers to configure, initiate, and complete migration operations up to 40 percent faster than before. Access to DynaCenter through AWS Marketplace was announced today at the AWS Summit in Santa Clara. More information can be found at https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B01H7H066G.


“We have really cleared the way for anyone to see for themselves how easy it is to move workloads to AWS,” said Mark Timm, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, Racemi. “Plus, we’ve made our DynaCenter automated migration software available via AWS Marketplace for easy accessibility, while also making the installation and deployment of the software simpler than ever before. For one dollar, a customer can migrate 100 servers and take advantage of our penny migrations.”


Racemi was one of the first partners to achieve AWS Migration Competency status, which was announced this past June. Also, the company has achieved Advanced Technology Partner status in the AWS Partner Network (APN) for the last two years running.


Racemi’s DynaCenter migration software captures the entire server stack – including operating system, applications, configuration, and data – and automatically converts it to run on the preferred cloud platform by applying the necessary tools and drivers during the migration process. This ensures existing workloads are migrated in their time-tested configuration, resulting in improved reliability and reduced support requirements. The Live Capture capability ensures that there is no server downtime. All customer data is secured and compressed using AES/RSA SSL encryption over firewall-friendly, fault-tolerant outbound HTTPS connections to provide maximum protection and reliability.


About Racemi
Racemi, the moving company for the cloud, is an AWS Leadership Award winner, and has over 1,800 customers and partners around the globe. The company develops server provisioning and cloud migration software that allows businesses to quickly migrate their existing physical and virtual servers between dissimilar physical, virtual, and cloud platforms and across geographies. Racemi services are available to enable the mass migration of live server workloads. Racemi utilizes its RACE Data Center Migration Methodology to deliver a holistic approach to enterprise migrations from planning and discovery to post migration and final documentation.  For more information, visit www.racemi.com.

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