Spend on HEOR Studies Expected to Grow at 9.7% Through 2020

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CARY, NC--(Marketwired - July 19, 2016) - Industry Standard Research has released a new report, "Late Phase Study Trends and Market Outlook (2016-2020)," containing findings focused on current dynamics in the Late Phase market and a forecast of how the market will evolve by 2020.

"Late Phase decision-makers foresee an increase in their companies' spend on Health Economics and Outcomes Research studies over the next few years. Among HEOR studies, cost benefit assessments, comparative effectiveness research, and registry studies are expected to show the most growth in spend. Sponsors can utilize this information to benchmark their HEOR spend against their competitors'. Service providers will be able to forecast what is coming down the pike to ensure they have the necessary capabilities and capacity to handle the expected HEOR growth," states Kevin Olson, CEO of Industry Standard Research.

ISR surveyed 102 decision-makers at sponsor organizations to gather a comprehensive view of today's Late Phase market and understand their predictions for where the market is expected to head over the next several years. Respondents detail their companies' Late Phase expenditures, share selection criteria for service providers across multiple study types, and describe the influence of various departments in each stage of the outsourcing decision-making process. Among many other topics, ISR also collected information on market trends including technology use, study complexity, and the use of existing vs. newly collected, purpose-driven data. This report contains useful information for sponsors and service providers alike to stay abreast of happenings in the Late Phase market.

Olson continues, "The Late Phase market is a unique space, being comprised of many different types of studies with a wide array of objectives to be achieved. To this end, we structured our research in such a way that company spend and outsourcing proportions are presented by study design (Interventional trials and Observational research) and by study type (Post-marketing Safety studies, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, and Expanded Access studies). This detailed breakdown will allow stakeholders responsible for the different types of Late Phase activities to have this information available at the level most applicable to their needs."

For more information on ISR's "Late Phase Study Trends and Market Outlook (2016-2020)" report, please visit ISR's report page at: http://www.isrreports.com/reports/late-phase-study-trends-market-outlook-2016-2020/

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